GearWrench Open End Ratchet- Best New Tools at SEMA 2010

Best New Tools from SEMA 2010

Gearwrench's Open End Socket - Cool new tool at SEMA

No matter what you’re driving or what your skill level, the right tool always helps get the job done right. Trouble is, you don’t have that tool in your box and your buddy’s sleeping cause it’s 1:30AM and the Goodguys Show is tomorrow!

That’s where GearWrench comes in. I found their booth at SEMA 2010 where they had a simple, but effective display of how their tools can get you out of a jam.

The open end ratchet wrench shown above has the fit-in-tight-spaces of an open end wrench with the convenience and speed of a box end ratchet. In this display (and as you’ll often find working on your ride) the box end wouldn’t work. Ad a ratchet end box on the other side and you’re ready to turn flat-rate time into big money.

Gearwrench tools, ratchet head wrench, SEMA 2010Gearwrench set, gearwrench tools, ratchet wrench set, SEMA 2010 las vegas
(Click on image to see full size)

The next tool is kinda hard to describe which makes it weird that I want it! The box end features a ratcheting wrench, but the twist is how you can reposition the angle of the box end. There’s a push button that locks or unlocks the swivel action to fix the wrench in the position shown.  Then, in the unlock position, (right hand picture) imagine using a push-pull action to work the wrench and loosen or tighten the bolt/nut. (This would be a heck-of a place for a video pikesan!). Ever seen that before?

What's wrong with these pliers?Hand in the cookie jar syndrome

The next tool is for when you drop something small and typically non-magnetic down a hole that’s too small or too deep for fingers. Or should I just say EVERY TIME you drop something? The picture above shows the how normal pliers work. They’re long enough, but won’t open once they’re down the dark crevasse that holds the irreplaceable part you just dropped. Enter the Double X Pliers from GearWrench.

gearwrench pliers, needle nose pliers, pliers set, sema car show las vegasGearwrench pliers, needle nose pliers,pliers set, Double X, SEMA 2010
Look how amazed that guy is! (Hand and hairy arm model is my buddy Kevin)

The Double X pliers have a compound joint, or just say two joints, compared to just one on most pliers, that allow the needle nose part to open a bunch with just a little movement of the grip. It’s a simple kind of, “Why aren’t they all like that?” thing that’s a perfect addition to your tool box.

Need more info? Check out the GearWrench website at GearWrench also has an “X-Beam” wrench that’s twisted for more leverage and a wobble socket extension that you can lock down to use as a standard extension. That should save on knuckles and lightens the load on your travel tool set, right?

I guess my Christmas list just got a little easier to make… Any other feedback for GearWrench products?