Run to the Pines -25th Anniversary Pictures

Pinetop Arizona car show - Run to the PinesRun to the Pines – 2008

By our friend Devin Squire
(Devin’s all Ford Garage)

The weekend of Sept. 26th, 27th, & 28th, was the 25th anniversary of the “Run to the Pines” car show in Pinetop, AZ. My wife & I have been going to this show for at least 15 of those years. It’s a great weekend getaway in the cool pines of Pinetop – Lakeside, AZ.
The show is limited to 550 cars, of pre 1973 vintage, and it always gets sold out. If you don’t get your registrations in early, you might not get in, and there is always a waiting list in case of any cancellations. This year, the show sold out in only four weeks! Hotels, Motels, & Cabins in the area are the same story…get your reservations in early. Before we caught on, we had to get rooms in Showlow, which is about 15 to 20 miles away.
This show is part of the Pinetop-Lakeside’s “Fall Festival”, which brings in a lot of people, as well. Some folks love all the “arts & crafts”stuff, and it gives the ladies something else to do, if they get bored with the car show, (like a couple of friends we know).

There are two people who are the main characters that started this great little show, and that’s Bob & Linda Gates. Since the beginning, these two have put their heart and soul into this show. Of course they can’t do it alone. They have a lot of help from other club members and volunteers. Funds from this show are donated to various local nonprofit organizations & charities. The “Run to the Pines” show, has cars that come from all over Arizona, as well as some from New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah. The show is held on the grass, out on the driving range at the local golf course, the “Pinetop Lakes Golf & Country Club”.

Things get rolling on Friday afternoon, where a cavalcade of the cars “Parade” from Showlow, through Pinetop-Lakeside, to the Hon-Dah Resort & Casino for a pre show barbeque. The main show is Saturday, and then Sunday is when they auction off prizes, give away some prizes and the trophies are given out.

We had a great time this year, even though we did get some rain on Saturday. The field was full with lots of cool cars, trucks & even a couple of old tractors. There were some folks that brought out some old vintage engines that were chugging along all weekend. They even had one churning out some homemade ice cream, but I didn’t get to sample any…….bummer.

If you’ve never been to this show, it’s one you should definitely check out. It’s usually around the last weekend in September, so make your plans now.

They can always use donations of products or services that are auctioned off during the show. (Remember, funds go to local charities)

For any questions or info, you can contact Bob at ten.tenreitnorfnull@setagr.,
or the Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce at –
Here are some photos from this year’s show, to give you an idea of what you missed.