See my Points – Pertronix Install Guide

Pertronix Install how toCustomer service pays off. Or should I say, bad customer service doesn’t pay.

If you haven’t seen my 1927 Ford Roadster called “Bonnie” then this may be your first time to In that case, WELCOME! Please stay a while and if you dig it… JOIN here.

My roadster kinda odd because I run a 2.3L Ford Motor. That’s right! It’s a Pinto motor and I’m proud to be part of the 4 banger world. The 2.3’s are easy to find, cheap to get and can be made to run hard, but that can get expensive. I wrote a bunch about modifying the 2.3L Ford Motor in my garage blog. Check it out.

So trying to save a few bucks, I bought a Mallory dual point distributer. Why a dual point with all the electronic points systems out there? And why not just run a factory Ford electronic distributor? Good questions. For both cases, you often have to deal with a vacuum advance system. My motor makes poopoo vacuum. (does that rhyme?) and those vacuum modulators don’t look good. Also, most of the electronic setups are big bucks. Dual point was good for a long time and I was coming from a single points setup, so I went for p/n 2362101 from Mallory.

After almost no trouble for a year, I was stranded on the side of the road. On the way to the Goodguys show. It sucked. To make things worse, as my pops and I were pushing the car up onto the trailer, I punched a hole in the oil pan. 5 quarts of “changed last night” fresh oil spilled onto the highway and the trailer.

Know what the original problem was? A bad capacitor! (called condensers to some). Ever heard of that? Pops was a Ford mechanic for 25 years starting in 1964 and had seen that 2 times. I was the one that fixed it cause he said, that’s never it! The spark would show in the points at first then progressively get weaker until it was gone. For some reason, i had a new capacitor. I put it on and the car fired right up. I patched the hole in the pan and made it to the show by 1 PM. Not bad!

Anther year went by and the same farting and sputtering problem started up again. Another new capacitor, this time a big momma from and old distributor and I’m down the road again. Enough’s enough.

I sent a message to Mallory on their website and got a response that only said: “Clean of the contacts and skuff the condenser case.” What the heck for? and… DUH! That’s not customer service after blowing 2 parts that shouldn’t fail. That’s when I started searching for another solution and found a Pertronix kit that, get this, fit into my Mallory dizzy! Very cool! I got the Pertronix 9ML-141from Car Shop Inc. I’d never purchased from Car Shop Inc, but they had a great price! I contacted Tim, told him what was up, then he told me his experience with Pertronix, all good, and had the parts to me in a couple days. Sweet deal. Great service. That’s what I’m looking for.

The rest of the story’s pretty easy. The Pertronix instructions were short and easy to follow. No wonder, it was an easy swap and has been running perfectly. I did have to make a timing adjustment, but not much.

So check out the rest of these pictures. They’ll show you how I did it. Anyone could, it’s that easy. (Click on any picture to make it bigger)

Hooking up the wires was easy. Red to + on the coil, black to the -. You don’t need a ballast resistor either. That’s nice cause it cleans things up a bit. Any questions, leave a comment! And don’t forget to join