SEMA for Beginners

sema2009logoMost everyone in the auto world has heard of SEMA. For those who don’t know, SEMA is a yearly convention for the auto industry…and its massive, completely filling up the Las Vegas Convention Center. Basically everything you can imagine having to do with a car is here – from new concept cars on down to aftermarket parts of every sort imaginable. 

As many car lovers never get to make it to SEMA, Craig and I are on the scene to bring you all the most interesting car stuff and stories! Thanks to Optima Batteries, we’ll be spending the rest of the week here at the show as well as attending the Optima Invitational race out in Pahrump, NV on Saturday. (And as I hear it, I may even be able to learn a little race-car driving on Friday!) It’s my first time here, and although I’m a little overwhelmed I’m beyond excited to learn a ton! Right now I’m headed down to the main floor to hit up some car specialists and have them download on me some of their vast knowledge.

To start off, here’s a few pictures to give ya an idea of what we’re dealing with here…pretty cool stuff! Check back often for our updates (we’ll also be making some videos!) and if any of you members are here at SEMA 2009 leave a comment so we can meet-up! 


K&N race car…this baby will be on the track at the Optima Invitational on Saturday!


…another cool car at a booth! This one sponsered by DC Sports.


Ford has a huge display here. This pretty little flathead needed to be photographed…


Not only a nice looking rod, it also proves not everything here is shiny!