Singlefinger Speed Shop to Invade 2009 Detroit Autorama

Singlefinger Speedshop's Detroit Autorama displayAfter a lot of hard work, plus multiple trips to Lowes, Home Depot, the old backyard shed, the shop rafters, & even some garbage picking, the Autorama display is finally done! It looks so freakin’ awesome! Many thanks to everybody that helped make this come together.

I thought everybody might like to get a sneak-peek of our new display, because once we added the proper details, the lettering, & got the lights working, it really came to life. ( It’s so realistic that Wayne wanted to know where we found the old panels, even as he was touching them! (killer work Todd & Tom!) The attached photo was taken just before we broke it back down & put in a trailer until showtime next week.

I don’t know how our pal Martyn avoided getting captured on “film”, but I’ve posted a few pics of everybody helping out along the way: 2009 Autorama Display

We’re excited about introducing folks to our new website at this year’s show. My cousin Louie has planned an Autorama Show Special for our new black Monster T-shirts & Singlefinger ball caps.

The Singlefinger Car Club will have 4 cars on display this year, each car highlights a different facet of the traditional hot rod scene.

Singlefinger Speed Shop’s 2009 Detroit Autorama Event Schedule:

3pm Fri, Sat, Sun – H.A.M.B. “Meet & Greet”.
6-10pm Sat – John Harrow (pinstriper/ artist) and model Jessica Danley will host a body art exhibit.
John will be adding his licks to any purchase of Singlefinger merchandise.
4pm Sun – Meet Kara G, Sunday’s lovely spokes model.

We will be working with Pike to keep all of you guys & gals informed on what goes on at this year’s show. We’ll send back pics of the cars, the people, & most importantly, the Ridler winner!

Can’t wait to see ya at the show!