Skoty Chops Shootout with Mr.Wim’s Brush Stroke 2012

Hot Rods and Custom Car Show Pictures from Skoty Chops Custom Showcase 2012

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hot rod, california car show, hot rods and custom cars

Have you ever heard the old phrase “You have to see it to believe it.” Well that old phrase stands true to a local car show that has been going on for the past 4 years in Redwood City, CA. That show is Skoty Chops Shootout custom car show.

Along with the show, Mr. Wim puts on his Brush Stroke for the past 3 years. So with that type of 1-2 punch you can’t go wrong! Skoty Chops is one of most well known fabricators in Northern California and pinstriper Jaime “Wim” Trevino is one of the steadiest hands this side of Los Angeles. You combine the two and you get a pretty impressive showing of custom cars and pinstripers. Seeing is believing, that’s why show hounds, the Lens Junkies Nick Koljian and John Lemoine were on the spot bringing you Skoty Chops Shootout and Brush Stroke #4.

hot rod, custom cars, california car show, custom car show

Time in and time out, a Skoty Chops show will bring in some of the south bay’s best customs, bombs, classics and hot rods with some new-comers joining this years shootout. Prior to this years custom showcase, Skoty had been working on an 1980 Monte Carlo with all the trimmings right down to the Cragar Supremes. Bringing back the 80’s style of lowrider, a few of the south bay clubs paid homage by showing up at the show.

There was already a large amount of color to feast your eyes on, then with the old school style of paint joined with rides representing the lowrider scene, overall, the custom paint was outstanding! This is not the first show this year where I noticed lowriders, and quite frankly, I love it. The paint, the people, the three wheel shots; It brings back fond memories of shooting film in the 90’s at NorCal lowrider shows.

The cars were lined out in a horse shoe parking area with a big, lush grass island that split the show. The weather was phenomenal with a cool breeze from the bay that kept the heat of August down to a perfect temp. With all the customs that filled the lot, there was impressive rods and classics supplied by numerous bay area clubs. By all means it was another full house for this years shootout.

lowriders, Kustoms, california car show, hot rods and custom cars

Along with the outstanding display of cars, there was a nice variety of bands including freestyle, hip hop artist Dubdog and the Cranks, the Nightshades and the Infirmies provided some rockabilly and punk sounds throughout the day.

On top of the music there was a fistful of vendor booths with Gearhead Magazine, Behind Bars Inc custom bikes and Road Lords CC Bob James giving 50’s style cuts via the Imperial Barbershop booth. The Shootout raffle is always a classic for people that dig pinstriping. A ton of pin striped panels where flying out the door left and right. Also, there was an amazing live graffiti mural being done by Dubdog.

If you were hungry during the show, all you had to do is swing over to the pit and grab yourself some great BBQ grub from master chef “Graybeard” who was working the flame all day. Who, if I’m not mistaken, is the master chef for the Stranger show every year.

 california car show, hot rods and custom cars show

So you think you have seen it all, we are not through just yet! You walk into Skoty’s shop and you have Mr. Wim’s Brush Stroke extravaganza. With enough brushes to paint a city block and enough One Shot to flood a high school gym, it was a visual delight and a pleasure for the creative senses. Something you had to see to believe.

As you went from table to table you saw the likes of Justin Moore, Rich Luna, Trisha Turner, Steve Caballero, Thinman, Bugs, Cheese, Danny Meza, Mr.Wim and the pinstriping guru Rod Powell. They were just pumping out piece after piece and all of them were kind enough to take the time to sit and rap with any and all people that wanted to know about pinstriping and/or the pieces that they had. Every single one of the great collection of pinstripers all where there for the people and all about the people. That’s just top notch in my book.

Pinstriping, pinstripiners, california car show, custom cars

That’s has to be it, I have seen it all right? Uh, no. You think would let you go without a pinup shot? Com’on, we’re not going to play you out like some websites… I had the pleasure of shooting with Kentucky Derby class Hailey Lerren. Which was a gas… Not just because she is so easy to work with, but everywhere we shot it was like a little kids soccer game. I know you fellow photographers know exactly what I mean.

 Hailey Lerren, hot rod pinup, hot rods and custom cars

hot rod, hot rod pinup, california car show, custom car show, hot rods and custom cars

The Final Word

In closing, the Skoty Chops shootout in combination with Mr. Wim’s Brush Stroke is like peanut butter and jelly or macaroni and cheese. It partners each other brilliantly. Outstanding pinstriping and equally amazing customs bring forth an amazing show.

Skoty’s show isn’t the biggest show during the year and it doesn’t bring in a large numbers of cars ranging into the hundreds. It doesn’t have an overflow of vendors and a ton of bands that you have to shout over throughout the day. It doesn’t have an overabundance of spectators that give you that east coast subway feel. What it does have is the right amount of everything and you are very comfortable roaming around feasting on a visual paradise. I truly believe that Skoty would not have it any other way.

If you’ve ever been to a Skoty Chops Shootout you know seeing is believing. If you’ve never experienced a Skoty Chops Shootout, I have to say it is a must-show to checkout because really…you have to see it to believe it!

For more info on any of Skoty Chops future projects go to Skoty Chops Facebook Page. -N/K

For the full “visual narcotics” the Lens Junkies whipped up for Skoty’s Custom Car Show, click here

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