Small Town USA Car Shows: The Future of Hotrodding

"Coats For Kids" Car Show-Bountiful, Utah



The Bountiful, Utah “Coats For Kids” Car Show was just another example of small town USA and the car nuts that make up this great hobby/pastime. 

Personally, I think its crucial that towns big and small keep hotrodding alive and passing the automotive genes onto the next generation by supporting and putting on car shows and cruise-ins like this one in downtown Bountiful, Utah. 




Two classic roadstersBountiful, Utah Main Street parade of hot rods


Looking over these pictures again, I thought about how events like this create a sense of community and make family memories for years to come.  Nothing more american, or human, than a good car show with your friends and family. Hechtspeed junior admires a Dodge Charger revving its V8

Son cruising in his dad's 32 straight 8 powered roadster=Memories!


Here are some of my favorite pictures I took while hanging with my family.  How else can you teach your kid to hang his arm out the window like a true hotrodder than by owning a ’32 roadster?  How else will he know what a 4bbl carbed big block V8 sounds like unless he can stand next to it and feel the ground shake! 

Shoot me an email at moc.emsiedirymnull@deepsthceh and I’ll post up your “small town USA” car show pics and info.  Let’s keep this hobby alive and growing.  My sons should be restoring a 2005 Mustang GT or a 2008 Challenger in about 25 years as long as I keep taking them to car shows and working on project cars in the garage with them right?!  Right! 

When is the next car show?!


Restomod / Pro-touring shoebox Chevy cruisin'Hot Rod Ford Falcon Futura cruising Main StreetThis Challenger had the license plate "Vanish" COOL!This blown 5.0L Fox Body Mustang coupe did well in the burnout contestGasser Chevy 2-door postG-machine First gen' Camaro down a side street