Speedweek 2009-Bonnie’s Homecoming

Bonneville Salt Flats: Welcome Home Bonnie!

Pikesan and "Bonnie" at Speedweek 2009

I think its only fitting that the first pic from Speedweek 2009 that we post is of our fearless leader, pikesan.  I’ll let pikesan post most of the pics of his car “Bonnie” and her homecoming to the Salt Flats but, I took this cool rolling shot Saturday morning and wanted to share it with you all.  This was taken about 30 seconds after Bonnie and pikesan (suffering from a sever case of Salt Fever) made it onto the Salt for the first time.  What a cool moment! I switched to shutter priority mode on the D90 and started snapping pics while trying to drive (luckily the entry road is super wide).

This shot inspires me to build my own roadster.  Well, that’s it for now.  The MyRideisMe.com crew that made it out to the Salt (we missed you Swanee) for Speedweek 2009 will be sharing stories and a sizeable photo gallery.  It was also the first time pikesan, GreaseGirl and Hechtspeed met in person.  We had a great time and can’t wait to share our experiences!

1927 Roadster "Bonnie" sitting on fresh Salt

Ok, this pic is just too good (imho) not to post now.  This black car just pops against the bright fresh Salt.


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