Bonneville Speedweek 2009: The Nugget Car Show

Bonneville Hot Rods Yearly Car Show:

bonneville hot rods, bonneville speed week

Salty street rods gather at the Nugget Car Show during Speedweek



2009 Bonneville Nugget Casino Car Show Picture Gallery is now online!


After the Salt closes on the first Friday and Saturday of Speedweek, hot rods, street rods, a street-driven belly tanker and any ride that made the trip to Bonneville congregate to relax at the Golden Nugget Casino parking lot.


This is not your typical car show, these cars are driven hours and hours to make this show.  There were numerous cars from California and as far as Nebraska. (any farther?)  Make sure to check out the Nugget Car Show at next year! Check out the Nugget Car Show Gallery for more pics!


bonneville hot rods, nugget car show during speedweek

Rods keep gathering all night at the Nugget Car Show