Spring Carlisle Swap Meet

Spring Carlisle 2008-Front GatesAaah, spring in the Northeast. Time to take the covers off the hibernating beast in the garage and do some car stuff. The beginning of the season up in the Northeast has been marked for the last 31 years by a five day event simply known as Spring Carlisle. The event is held each year in April at the Carlisle Fairgrounds in Carlisle, PA. During this event, the 81 acre facility is just stuffed full of cars, parts, supplies, and collectibles for sale. If it is for sale on the East Coast it will more than likely be here. Finding it may be a problem though. Even if you arrive when the gates open at 7:00 AM you will have a tough time seeing everything by the time the gates close at 7:00 PM.

Old Army hot rod for SaleMaking it even harder is the fact that, if you are looking for cars, many of the nearby neighborhoods allow cars to park on their lawns (for a fee of course) and sellers take this opportunity to display cars for sale. Looking to buy shop equipment? With several large vendors present ordering ahead of time and having the vendor bring the item to the show can save you a lot on shipping charges. Just be prepared arrive early in order to actually get to the vendor with your truck to pick up your goodies. My suggestion would be to pick it up before 9:00 AM. After about noon even on a weekday the crowds will make it almost impossible to drive onto the fairgrounds.

Even if you are not looking for something specific this is a great place to step back, relax, and remember the past. Someone is always selling that old toy you used to have. Or maybe a lunch box or poster of your favorite old TV show. In this EBay era, it is still nice to be able to touch something before you buy it. Check out more pictures in the picture gallery. And don’t forget about Fall Carlisle!

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