Stromberg Carburetor – The Choice For Remington Lakester Recreation

Bonneville Salt Flats: Race Car Recreation

Stromberg headquarters—Stromberg is pleased to announce their valued participation in the recreation of Phil Remington’s stunning 1941 lakester.

Stromberg is proud to announce their participation in the recent unveiling of the recreation of Phil Remington’s 1941 lakester.

1941, Lakes Roadster, Stromberg 97 Carbs, Phil Remington

Unveiled at a special party honoring Phil, who will be 90 this year, at the NHRA Museum in Pomona during LA Roadster weekend, the blue roadster was an exact recreation by Burton, Michigan’s Dan Webb. Webb hosted the party for 400 of Phil’s closest friends, including Dan Gurney, Stu Hilborn, and more.

Phil Remington, Flathead V8, Stromberg 97 Carbs, Lakes Modifed Roadster

Built in 1941 and raced at the lakes from 1946-1948, the roadster consistently ran over 130 MPH running a 21 stud Ford flathead fed by two Stromberg 97 carburetors. As Dan Webb wanted this to be a perfect recreation of the beautiful lakester, he needed to look no further than our reissue of the winning Stromberg 97.

Phil Remington, Dan Webb, Stromberg 97 Carbs, Navarro Racing, 21 Stud Flathead, V8, El Mirage, Bonneville

Though the new Stromberg 97 looks exactly like it did almost 70 years ago when Phil chose them on his ground-breaking race car, internal improvements have been made to eliminate leaking, warping of the body and other problems that racers and hot rodders faced. Now, it’s the perfect choice in more ways than one.

Phil Remington, NHRA Museum, 1941 Lakester, Stromber Carburetor

Congratulations to Phil Remington and Dan Webb for creating and recreating one of the greats from hot rodding’s past. We’re proud to be a small part of it.

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