SUBYROD = Hechtspeed’s My Subaru Is Me

I’ve been a little quiet of late on the MyRideisMe blog.  I have good reason.  With (as opposed to without) much adieu (it’s taken me years to nail down a car I REALLY wanted) I present my new (and used) hot rod!  Not a hot rod you say?  Ok, well, then let’s call it a suby rod.

This blog will NOT do justice (crappy pictures, I promise better ones in the future, these were taken while giving son #3 his first ride in “daddy’s suby”) to how much I love this car and how excited I am to own it and drive it.  But, I’ll do my best to introduce you to my new daily driver/project car, “SUBYROD” (see my Garage HERE).

Subyrod Hechtspeed's new/used 2002 Subaru WRX in Utah

Subyrod is a 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX with 115,000 miles (kind of a lot I know, but it was in my budget and very clean with recent important maintenance items taken care of).  What the crap is a hot rod and custom car nut like me buying a funky car like a Subaru for?  Ok, good point… but how about a factory turbocharged and intercooled sedan with wide fender flares, all wheel drive and four doors and a WRC (World Rally Championship) racing pedigree?

So, you as a Hot Rod reader are a little curious, I know you are, well there’s more, keep reading…

Subyrod's Cobb Stage II 280hp stock appearing engine bay

From the factory in Fuji, Japan, the Suby put out 227 HP and 215 ft-lbs TQ back in 2002 (the new 2010 WRX has 265hp).  Here’s where the fun starts.  This 8.0:1 compression, 2.0 liter (that’s 121 cubic inches for you old schoolers) DOHC (dual over head cams (yes, this engine has 4 cams, yikes!) flat four (that’s right, can you say baby Porsche!?  Oh, or, maybe big aircooled Vdub) engine responds amazingly to the old school hot rodding methods, plus some new school tricks.  Subyrod is modified to what the “ricers” call a Cobb Stage II status.

Stage 2 is , long story short, a 3″ catted turboback exhaust, catless up pipe (pipe that connects the exhaust manifolds to the turbo), Samco inlet hoses (those red hoses in the pic above) and a Cobb AccessPort, which has a Stage II computer map loaded to the factory ECU.  The end result is about 2 psi more boost than stock (15 psi vs. 13.5psi) and about 280hp and 260tq.  Not bad for a 3100lb car.  Should be good for high 13’s in the 1/4 mile.

Subyrod's Buddy Club P1 II 17x7.5 wheels ready for the touge

But, the 1/4 mile is not where this car shines.  This car was meant for the Touge.  Oh, sorry.  Touge is Japanese for “mountain road”.  Gotta drop some ricer knowledge whenever I can.  Canyon carving is what the Suby does best.  These are 17×7.5 Buddy Club wheels with the 215/45/17 tires on Goldline lowering springs and KYB GR2 sport shocks and struts.  The tires have already been replaced by 225/45/17 Bridgestone Potenza’s since these failed Safety Inspection.  Dang!  I was hoping to score some 17×9’s or 18×9.5’s in a few months once I needed tires, but apparently I needed tires pronto.  Oh well, I’ll keep saving my pennies.

Subyrod interior includes custom shift knob, Momo steering wheel and STi seats

Here’s the cockpit.  More World Rally Blue for you!  Stock the WRX comes with a Momo steering wheel, aluminum pedals.  The previous owner installed these boss blue WRX STi (Subaru Technica International, aka the Racing Division of Subaru, sort of like SVT for Ford) seats.

Subyrod STi seats rock my face off!

These are race seats for the daily grind.  I must say (and this admits I’m a ricer), the STi seats are one of my favorite parts of this car.  It just makes the car POP!  Yes, STi’s color of choice is PINK!  I know you love that GreaseGirl!  Yes, you may sit in it at Bonneville.  ha ha

Also peep the shiny (aka ricer) Stainless Steel custom machined shift knob, connected to a short shifter.  I actually bought this knob back in December when I was planning to buy a Subaru.  I love it.  The best $40 I may have ever spent.  Plus its totally custom, there’s only like 50 of these knobs, mostly in Utah.

Subyrod's front view with JDM projector headlights and burnt fog light bulb

This pic is showing off a couple things.  First, dig that STi hood scoop (provides cool air to the intercooler)!  Is that hot rod or what?  LOL

These headlights are not USDM (ricer for “US Domestic Market”), they are JDM Yo!!!  (Japanese Domestic Market).  They are projector style headlights with up and down adjustability.  Cool eh!  They better be… I had to take the car to Jon at Action Alternator in Bountiful, Utah for some electrical/wiring repair to get my lights working to pass the Safety Inspection.  The drivers headlight was intermittent and high beam was out.  I was pleasantly surprised by the final price and the quality of work.  Thanks Jon!  Seriously, if you guys need a rebuilt alternator or starter or vehicle wiring, these guys are good.

Subyrod WRX 3/4 view

Here’s a parting shot.  You gotta love those factory rally fender flares!   I do!  That blue is rad too!  I know like 50% of all WRX’s are blue, but its only because it looks sooooo gooooood!

So, in 1.5 weeks of ownership, I’ve already done some modding.  Gotta make it My Ride is Me right!?

I added the shift knob, Kartboy extra long exhaust hangars so the Stainless muff’ would clear the Syms rear lip/diffuser, and wider 225/45/17 tires (ok, so I sort of had to get new tires, but might as well go WIDER right?!).  Also, I added some decals/stickers (yes, more Ricer mods) and a Fatlace/ license plate frame.  I’ll post pictures later, don’t worry.  You’ll be getting Suby overload…

What do you think of this Subyrod?!  Any Subaru lovers out there?  Comment below and let me know what you think of my new ride.

Hechtspeed and SUBYROD

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