The Big Show: Goodguys Scottsdale, AZ

Mess-up fuel pump, lost air bleed screw for the new carbs, broken rocker stud, up all night getting ready for the show and sore-as-hell-legs. We had a great time! Here’s my recap of the 2007 Goodguys Show in Scottsdale, AZ.


That all didn’t happen to me, I did change the fuel pump on my car, but probably didn’t need to. The new pump only hit about 1.5psi to start, then up to 3, back to 1, all over the place. Finally, she settled in and makes 3 psi as I’d hoped. My friend Joe helped out by taking this photo. By the way, your battery will go dead if you leave the pump on. sigh.


For the big day, Saturday, we met at 6AM at a gas station. 6 of us left together headed north on the 101. Just as we hit the freeway, I decided I’d better get gas… duh, shoulda done that before. As soon as I got back on the road, I saw my pops and his friend Larry on the side of the road. Broken rocker stud. Larry had it at the show by 11! None of my pictures of Larry’s newly finished T-bucket turned out.

In all, I took 550 photos this show. You won’t see all of mine, but just incase I missed some good shots, our good friend Paul Swanson took over 1000 shots. We’re organizing the photos now, so please be patient. Here are just a few of my favorite shots.


Keep checking back for more pictures and features from the show!

Lastly, I want to say that even with the tired legs, it was all worth it! While busting hump trying to get good pics and spewing MyRideisMe so much, I might be sick of it myself, I saw friendly smiles from the Over the Hill Gang guys I met a few weeks ago… then I ran into Tony, the guy who helped me on the side of the road last year… then I got to know Al Packard, a MyRideisMe member who won Best Traditional or something like that. I knew his ride was sweet… he’s been on the home page for a couple weeks! Thank you everyone. I’d do it all again this weekend if I could. See you next year!

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