The other side of the LA Roadster Show

Too bitch’n Hot Rod Sedan - blue in the blue sky: LA Roadster ShowThe LA Roadster Show is one of the MUST shows of the year, at least for me. The Pomona Fairplex gets another sweet show too, the Grand National Roadster Show. (let’s not forget 2 NHRA events!) It’s no wonder, about a ka-jillion hot rodders and custom car builders are in the greater LA area.

The LA Roadster Show is put on by, you guessed it, the LA Roadster Car Club. Founded in 1957, this is the 44th annual show.

I posted some pics of the LA Roadster Show, but only of the show itself. Here’s those pics (Click HERE). Sorry, they’re not my best effort. Camera broke, I’m not so talented behind it anways, ’nuff said! I also got some from the So-Cal show (Click HERE).

So before next year’s show, I better show you what I found outside the show; in the swap and in the show lot, I call it. That’s where I found this hot little sedan. This is my favorite picture from the show. (if the owner wants it, you can have it free, just email me.)

2008 Builder of the Year Gene Winfield“The King of Kustomizers” George BarrisOne thing that’s true at all the LA Roadster shows is the legends walking around. This year, I had camera ready to shoot two Gods of the Hot Rod and Custom world. 2008 Builder of the Year Gene Winfield and “The King of Kustomizers” George Barris. Both of these guys have cool books out about they’ve done in their lives, but like most car people you meet, they were super nice and willing to chat for a while, no matter how busy they were. I’m trying to work a deal with Jared Barris, George’s grandson, to blog about the build of his first hot rod here at I don’t suppose anyone’s interested in that?

Nostalgia funny car for sale; Garry GreenIn the main show, only roadster (duh!) and finished, shiny-painted cars are allowed. Outside the show is a cooler-than-a-Toys-R-us swap of hot rod and go-fast goodies. Bring cash. This show is known to have the hard to find and you got it! Expensive parts. Most people agreed though, the swap was busy, but not much buying going on. Hard to say, but we did see alot of people walking around with empty Radio Flyer wagons and empty hands. I got a new steering wheel for my car and a COOL print for the office. Hey, It was father’s day! The print was from James Owens at Car Noir. This is the print.

Here’s the stuff I found. This old school funny car was too cool. I want one. I sensed this one has a nice history too. Anyone know about it? If you’ve never found this site, I dig it. Trouble is, you’ll be there for a while! 70’s Funny Cars

Bad ass Austin Gasser, hit the drags!Payola from Tucson, super modified racerThen I made a few friends from down in Tucson. Rick Sipes owns this NASTY Austin gasser in the works. He had a bunch of tall injectors for sale too. Injection or blown, you know that story. Then there’s Payola, a super modified built in 1959. I lost the owner’s card! I want to do a feature story on this car.

After cruising the swap meet (for the 3rd time!) I had to hit the car corral, if you want to call it that. I guess almost every car’s for sale, but most of these weren’t. Same as last year, I wowed at more cars outside the show then in. Don’t get me wrong, the LA Roadster’s show is the cream of the crop, but I guess I like a wider variety and rods that might be a little rough around the edges. How about you?

Sick Green flaked custom at the LA Roadster Show

Nailhead hot rod at the LA Roadster show

Old Willys Gasser.  True nostagia race carRusty but not a Rat Rod at the LA Roadster showGotta love Camel Toe Racing at The LA Roadster ShowJust one slick hot rod at the LA Roadster show4 webers on a Hot Rod at the LA Roadster show