Top Ten of Main Street El Segundo Car Show

I’ve been havin’ a hard time getting any grease on my hands lately as there’s just too many cool things to do during summer! I got wind of the 8th Annual Main Street El Segundo Car Show just the day before while at Loyola Auto Interiors (thanks Luis for helping me out with fixing my side panels!)

Lucky for me I heard about it because I sure enjoyed strolling along Main Street on a beautiful Saturday afternoon with about 125 cars to gaze at of all different shapes, sizes, and styles. The atmosphere was just how a So-Cal beach town should be – laid back with a variety of cool people.. While I enjoyed the whole event, below you’ll find my choice picks…enjoy! Let me know if ya happened to be there and which picks you like too!

1. Most Artistic Hot Rod. This 1930 Ford was customized in Ngoya, Japan and now calls Carson its home. It was a treat to see it on the street!

1930 Ford Roth Style

2. Best Summer Cruiser. Gee it’d be nice to cruise down the coast in this beauty wagon/tear-drop trailer combo wouldn’t it? Surf, summer…sweet! P.S. Anybody know good resources for building instructions on these tear-drops…that would be a fun project!

Tear-drop trailer and wagon

3. Best Gasser. Okay…it was the ONLY gasser…but I like to see em out at shows! This 1955 Chevy was apparently gassified back in the 1960s.

1955 Chevy Gasser

4. Best Car for Sale. This 1955 Packard Clipper looks like it could roll Mad Max/Mexican/Rockabilly style…anyone looking to buy? Call Pepe…I’ve got a # if you want…I promise Pepe isn’t giving me commission…although I wouldn’t mind a ride!

1955 Packard Clipper

5. Best Little Car. I just wish I could have the experience of riding in this 1959 BMW 600 filled with 4 passangers! This show had a good showing of oddity-cars. I love seeing the less-known and obscure!

1959 BMW 600

6. Best Show-Stopper. Hands down. This little dude, “Killer” is something I’ve never seen before! He was enjoying the groove as much as the rest of us!

dog riding scooter

7. Best Studebaker Appearence. We always look for our own car-types, right!? Although a Studebaker Avanti and 1951 Bullet-nosed Champion Coupe were both present…this one has to take the cake…no, it isn’t a Studebaker roadster…it’s just got a Studebaker engine! Be on the watch out for more of this little coupe!

blown Studebaker engine

8. Best Interior. The insides of this Plymouth make it clearly obvious that a fellow car-lovin lady is driving this functional beauty around. While the plates said Washington State…I’m wondering if maybe she moved to SoCal!? Its about time for a ladies car club of my own (all interested parties – contact me!)

Plymouth interior

9. Best Non-Car Show Activity. Just off the street on Main is Gasoline Gallery, a place I’d been meaning to check out for awhile. A small shop with art gallery that has rotating exhibits highlighting low-brow and hot rod art…lots top-notch pinstripping and enamel! Their shop-car isn’t too shabby either…

Gasoline Gallery

10. Best Car…last but not least! From all the cars to choose from this beautiful day, this 1957 DeSoto Wagon stood out to me the most. Perhaps its my surf-friendly car envy of the moment, or that I like DeSotos, or the cool taillights, or the fabulous green color…so many things to like about it. I’ll cruise with you any day lil green Desoto Wagon!

1957 DeSoto Wagon taillight

There you have it…the 8th Annual Main Street El Segundo Car Show. An enjoyable event – I’ll be back next year, maybe with my Stude!

Until next time, Happy Trails!