Track Day Brakes – SEMA 2010 New Performance Parts

New Performance Parts from SEMA 2010

New Performance Brake Pads, brakes for track use, Genevieve Chappell

If you’re too distracted by the lovely Genevieve Chappell to see the new high performance brake pads she’s holding, you’re probably in the right place for SEMA coverage for 2010 from

Cruising the massive SEMA convention halls for new performance parts and the hottest new rides, I stopped in at EBC to say hi to Genevieve and learned about “Bluestuff” brake pads. Bluestuff is the name of EBC’s newest whoa-enhancing product, the “Worlds first race pad that can be used on the street.” Always curious, I asked why?

Andy Freeman, their marketing director, CEO and chief technical writer filled me in… Turns out, racing brake pads are designed to stop a car in short bursts from high speeds, like from 130 to 80 MPH, negotiate the turn, then you’re back on the loud pedal waiting as long as you can to hit the brakes again. Repeat as needed. For a track only car, no problem, but do you want to change brake pads before you go home?

track day brakes, performance brakes, racing brake padstrack day brakes, performance brakes, racing brake pads

If you’re a “track day” competitor and you’re flogging your daily driver, that’s just not practical. Bluestuff brake pads are designed with several key features that make them ideal for street use and great brakes for track day use:

  • Rotor wear – race pads using a semi-metallic fiber have no problem ripping through a set of rotors
  • Brake bite from cold – no need to break in the new pads using your valuable track time
  • Durability – now you know we’re not talking about a race pad! Bluestuff brake pads will last up to 4 times as long as your OEM pads and…
  • Price- they’re probably cheaper than OEM replacements! ($79-140 per set)

On the market in January for all high performance cars, including our favorites: Mustang, Camaro, Subaru, Viper, and of course the Corvette; Check out Bluestuff from EBC.  If you’d like your fill of technical details, go to the Blusestuff NDX tech page or for first hand reviews from users, check out these forum posts.