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hot rods, hot rod model A coupe, hot rod ford coupe
Casny Coupe

The entirely home-built model A coupe of Chris Casny on the way to the HAMB BBQ.

Photos by Marc Woeltinger – LOWTECH Garage Photography

Recently I’ve had a few people ask me, where do you get the stories and photos for The answer really is, all over the place! That’s been most true lately as fantastic photos pour in from new friends on the web. I missed the Hot Rod Reunion Drags at Famoso Raceway, but thanks to Tim Scott’s photography, we all get to see it. Same goes for these shots by Marc Woeltinger. From Switzerland with an eye for vintage steel, Marc’s been holding a camera since he was 10 years old, but says he, “started getting really into it in 2008.

gene winfield custom, custom mercury, kustom mercury
Winfield Mercury

This old leadsled is sitting in the Mojave desert in Gene Winfield’s back yard.

Now working in the advertising industry, his knowledge of color and style is paying off. In his words:

American car culture is my passion. I love to shoot traditional hot rods and customs and try to capture the stories behind them – stories of ingenuity, sense of aesthetics and individuality. I’m continuously trying to improve my skills while taking pictures at car shows, shooting friend’s rides and travelling around Europe and the USA. In recent years, some of my work was published in international hot rod and classic car magazines.

Hope you like Marc’s favorite shots. If you do, let him know with a comment below or a “Like” at the link up-top. Here’s Marc’s Facebook page so you don’t miss a thing!

1939 lincoln zephyr, custom lincoln zephyr

1939 lincoln zephyr, custom lincoln zephyr
1939 Lincoln Zephyr

Built and owned by Rich Soto from La Puente, outtakes of a photo shoot for the French Powerglide magazine.

lowrider, custom chevy lowrider, chevy impala lowrider
1964 Impala

The icon of American lowrider culture: the 1964 Impala. Seen at the annual Cruisin’ Nationals, held by West Coast Kustoms in Santa Maria.

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