Trident Speed Shop: Nara Prefecture, Japan

I wanted to continue my international hot rod theme of late and share some pictures sent to me by Ken Sakata of Trident Speed Shop from Nara Prefecture, Japan.  We first introduced you to Trident Speed Shop in Tano’s ’26 T roadster feature a few weeks back.  In an email from Ken, he told me that Trident has been in business for 10 years.  He was proud to say that he does not advertise in any magazines becaues he gets his business from word of mouth.

Trident Speed Shop's Ford roadster of Nara Prefecture, Japan

Tano tells me that he takes his ’26 T Roadster to Ken in Nara, which is on the opposite side of Japan from Sapporo, because Trident is the only shop he trusts with his hot rod. 

This black and white photo above is rad!  This is Ken’s roadster built in traditional hot rod style. 

Trident build roadster with military aircraft style window

I love these aircraft style windscreen frames, they really give hot rods that 1940’s traditional feel dont they?

Ken says he loves the speed culture.  Hot Rods are very important in his life and he especially respects hot rodders.

Ken Sakata assembling a motor at Trident Speed Shop

Here is Ken lubing crank bearings during reassembly.  Anyone know what kind of engine this is?  4 cylinder, possibly a Model A or B?

Trident Speed Shop sells and refurbishes early Ford drum brakes

I love these old drum brakes.  Form and Function in one object. 

Ford model A frame built at Trident Speed Shop in Japan

This shot is particularly cool!  Two classic automotive forms of Americana deep inside Japan.  Check out the Japanese writing on the sign and the little kei cars in the background, the only evidence this is not in southern California.
Trident Speed Shop's model A roadster hot rod

This shot is amazing!  Beautiful green Japanese countryside and vintage American hot rod, the perfect combination. 

Ken says “I love Ford hot rods, because I wanna say “Eat my Ford Dust ”   haha”.  Ken says driving his Trident Speed Shop built roadster gives him a sense of freedom.  I can see why.  Open top 80 year old hot rod with a dual carbed small block V8 with lakes pipes sounding off, now that’s my kind of freedom.  The only thing Ken is missing is to experience his hot rod freedom on the Bonneville Salt Flats or a California dry lake bed. 

Ken Sakata of Trident Speed Shop grinding on a frame

Ken doing his thing.  Freedom needs fireworks right?  Sparks being launched from grinding metal is the only way to celebrate Freedom!  Because they are so far from old junkyards, swap meets or speed parts manufacturers, Ken and other international hot rod builders have to make do with ingenuity, fabrication skills and dedication.

Hopped up flathead V8 build in progress at Trident Speed Shop

Ah yes, whether in SoCal or Japan, an aluminum headed Flathead V8 with dual carbs is one of my favorite engine choices for a traditional hot rod.

Trident Speed Shop shows off a set of Lakes Pipes on a Flathead

Another artistic black and white photo, this time dig some Lakes Pipes on a Flathead.  Wow!  Rad!

Trident Speed Shop has a Blog of their own, but its all in Japanese obviously.  To check it out CLICK HERE.  Thanks to Ken for sharing your photos and passion for the American hot rod with us. 

I know there’s many more hot rod builders around the world.  If you are outside the USA and build hot rods, customs, tuners, drifters, whatever it is, we want to see what you’re up to.  Email me at moc.emsiedirymnull@deepsthceh and we can share your story.


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