Unforgettable Gold/Copper 1929 Ford Sedan

Hot rod 1929 ford sedan in Gold

Cruising any car show with buddies, there’s always one car that even weeks later, you’re still talking about it: “Remember that one car?” and you all do. That happened cruising the Scottsdale Goodguys show in November and I never forgot, even though Otis Schmidt, the owner of this bad hot rod may have thought I did!

Otis, a hot rod, custom car and racing fan since he started building model cars at 12 years old, is now living in Moore, Oklahoma. He bought his 1929 Ford Sedan from Mark Riojas of Bridge Creek, Oklahoma after finding it parked right next to him at an NSRA show in Oklahoma City. Otis immediately dug the car cause it reminded him of a similar-styled 1934 Ford Sedan he’d recently, and regrettably sold . Between missing his 34 and the gold teaser parked right next to him, Otis contacted Mark soon after the show and a deal was struck on the phone.

Hot Rod 4 Demon Carbs on the Hot Rod SedanThe first thing you notice about Otis’s 1929 Sedan, called the “Corrugated Flyer”  is the wild gold/copper color. The color’s officially Gold Acrylic enamel. From there, throw in some flattener and mix in this-n-that to get a color that, in the sun, is really striking. The paint and most of the build were done by Mark.

hot rods Custom hot rod 1929 Sedan Looking past Mark’s slick paint, the custom touches are found all over the sedan. The body’s chopped a full 8 inches, including the 1932 window frame, then set down on deuce rails. Looking closer at the back end, you’ll see the rear was pie cut to fit a 1932 tank . (Click the image to make it bigger) Move forward just a bit to see the wheel wells from a model A roadster cleverly grafted in to tuck the big 8.90-16 Firstones mounted on steelies. The front wheels are off a vintage carnival ride to get’m only 4″ wide.

Hot rod, Trick custom cast interior 1929 Ford SedanInside, Mark put his custom casting skills to use. Along with his other talents, he also casts custom hot rod parts in his backyard! The steering wheel’s custom made to duplicate a 1940 Ford wheel and the instrument cluster’s made to look like a 1932 piece with a little patina cast right in. Subtle black pinstriping finishes the at the time unfinished interior.

Up front, the induction’s pretty hard to miss, too. Cruising home for the first time, the 29’s Chevy LS1 was acting up and Otis blamed it on the original Stromberg 97’s and a vintage mag setup. Right then, Otis decided to run the new-stalgia look of 4 Demon carbs. After getting it running again with the Demon’s, the real devil turned out to be a couple flattened cam lobes. The old school true Stromberg’s weren’t running bad, after all!

Vintage Drags - Gasser Style 1966 Chevy NovaOtis and his hot rod made the long trip to Scottsdale to visit his nephew over in the small Arizona town of Wadell. Along for the ride is Otis’ close friend Bob Starks and his equally bitch’n Gasser-style 1966 Chevy Nova done in pink murano pearl. Bob and Otis have been buddies since high school. I guess they’re glad they made the trip; Bob’s Nova got a “Period Perfect” award and Otis came away with a “Street Rodder Top 10”.

No I haven’t forgotten Otis’ sedan, and I probably won’t. Otis sent over some in-progress pictures of the interior going in and when this car’s done, look for it on the cover of your favorite print magazines.

hot rod Slick 1929 Ford Sedan at Goodguys ScottsdaleIf you remember this unforgettable 1929 Ford Sedan, let us know!

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