Video: Viper Chases Porsche on Nurburgring

When’s the last time you held onto the edge of your seat watching a small format racing video like what you see on Youtube? You’re in for a treat.

I found this video while surfing, the North American GT-R Owners Club website. It’s not a video of the GT-R, but it’s the kind of stuff anyone who loves fast cars would really get into.

The video is made by Race Media TV, a German website that specializes in track race videos (from what I can see) and I’m guessing they have the Nurburgring right in their back yard.

Give the video just 1 minute to get past the short into that precedes a Dodge Viper chasing at Porsche GT3 around the twists at the Nurburgring. Some serious driving skills shown by all!

YouTube Preview Image