First Look – Viva Las Vegas 14 Hot Rods

2011 Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Car Show

Las Vegas Car show, 2011 Viva Las Vegas car show, rockabilly car show

It’s time! Don’t wait for months for magazine coverage, you got it right now!

Road Devils hot rods, custom car show, 2011 Viva Las Vegas Car Show

Las Vegas, Nevada greeted visitors from all over the world with near perfect weather and some great traditional styled hot rods. Here’s pictures from Friday April, 22 in one small part of the greater Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender event, but of course our favorite at… the car show.

Rusty hot rod, not a rat rod, traditional hot rod, viva las vegas hot rods

Let’s kick it off with the hot rods. Viva’s car show might have been known for “rat rods” in the past, but I see fewer and fewer rides that most would label as rat rods. They’re more accurately called traditional style hot rods.

Traditional style hot rods, not rat rods, vlv14, Rockabilly car show

If you think this is a rat rod, it’s time for a lesson. Traditional hot rods choose vintage engines like flatheads instead of more common, later motors like small block Chevy’s.  They’re also alot more likely to run wire wheels and bias ply tires. The one thing they may have in common is a total lack of paint or a rusty or patina look. Why? It could be the owner just hasn’t got to paint yet, or maybe that’s what they want! This 1934 coupe looks like its part way through finishing the chop.

VLV14, viva las vegas car show, traditional hot rods, viva pictures

This hot rod also features a flathead but went all out with green metal flake that dazzled everyone walking by. Look for more pictures of this pickup coming soon.

VLV14 car show, rockabilly car show, traditional hot rods

One of my favorite hot rods at the show should never be mistaken for a rat. The details, fit and finish of this roadster says it’s a professional build. It’s not painted, but that’s either a transition step in the build or a way to show off straight the body is without any bondo.

VLV14, rockabilly car show, traditional hot rod pickup, white wall hot rod

Wide White walls and steel wheels with caps are also fit perfectly on a traditional hot rod. This pickup speaks vintage style to me.

VLV14, rockabilly car show, las vegas car show, hot rod coupe, hemi hot rod

I’ll leave you with this Hemi powered, flamed hot rod coupe with the fast-standing-still tri-five Chevy adding the firey back drop.  Lot’s to see and I haven’t shown a fraction of the coverage we’ll bring for the 2011 Viva Las Vegas Car show. You better stick around!

So see ya the show Saturday! Look for the PISTON of, then hit me up for a sticker and a beer.

Hot rod sedan, traditional hot rod sedan, vlv14, rockabilly car show

Custom Car shots coming soon… and here they are: Custom Cars from 2011 Viva Las Vegas Car Show

To see what you might have missed from years gone by, here’s all Viva Las Vegas Car Show pictures and info


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