Vote – Which Lakes Modified Roadster Would You Build

Bonneville Salt Flats: Traditional or Modern?

It’s no doubt I have Salt Fever.  For me, the car that represents the Bonneville Salt Flats, El Mirage Dry Lakes and the hot rod hobby as a whole is the early Ford roadster.

At Speedweek 2009 while hangin’ out at the starting line just soaking in the Salt, I spotted 2 Lakes Modified Roadsters.  I knew I dug the stance on both rods.  I went in for a look-see.  CLICK on each Picture to Zoom in.

traditional hot rod, lakes modified roadster, Speed Week 2009hot rod, lakes modified roadster, Speed Week 2009

The dark blue roadster is a more traditional style rod with its dual carbed flatty V8, cowl-less engine bay, floorless interior (ok, so there was some wood “floor panels”), bomber seats and wire wheels and skinny tires.  The orange roadster has a plush interior, shiny paint, an independent rear end and hot rod style big n little wheels and tires.  I actually dig each style for different reasons.  But, if I could only have one…which one would it be?  Let’s take a closer look.

Bomber seats, traditional hot rod, lakes modified roadster, Bonneville Salt Flats, Speedweek 2009Custom hot rod, Ford roadster, Bonneville Salt Flats, Speedweek 2009

Again, the difference is easy to see.  Bomber seats, no door panels, wood floors, a couple guages and big steering OEM wheel on the left, plush leather interior, shiny paint, plenty of guages and custom aftermarket steering wheel on the right.

traditional lakes modified roadster, flathead power, Speed Week 2009Lakes modified, ford roadster, big n littles, torq thrust D wheels, Bonneville Salt Flats, Speedweek 2009

Look how the salt sticks more to the blue aging paint.  That orange shiny stuff has been waxed and buffed to the max.  Dig the open cowl, shorty tube headers, very old black engine paint and little dual car set up on the blue ratrod (that’s almost a cuss word for this car).  Lots of chrome, billet components, Torq Thrust D wheels and zues fasteners on the orange hot rod.

Bonneville, lakes modified, Ford roadster,banjo rear end, Speedweek 2009IRS, hot rod, lakes modified, Bonneville Salt Flats, Speedweek

Out back, we spot the traditional style roadster running the puny banjo rear end, old style gas tank tied down with leather straps, a Speed Shop logo and drum brakes.  The Rodster is running an Independent rear end with a billet cover, hidden gas tank, more chrome bits and disc brakes.

WWII windshield, lakes modified roadster, Speed Week 2009, Bonneville Salt Flats

I had to show this closeup of the salt covered cowl area.  I really dig WWII influenced parts.  This warbird styled windshield frame is RAD!!!!  There is nothing like an opened wheel hot rod flinging the damp salt up in the air.  Man, earth and machine at its finest.

So there you have it.  Two amazing roadsters at Bonneville.  Which one would you choose to build, own and drive?  Which one would put the bigger smile on your face?  I know which one I’d choose.  Go ahead and VOTE in the Poll below.  Please add a comment with which one you like more and WHY.  If you’d do something on the build, what would it be?  If you’re the hot rod type, what engine would you run in the orange roadster?

Which Lakes Modified Roadster Do You Like Better?

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