Crazy Customs at Winfield Watson Car Show

Custom Car Gathering at Winfield Watson Car Show 2011

custom cars, gene winfield custom car show 2011

In the world of Customs, Gene Winfield is a legend. So what better place to have a custom car show then at his place? Gene’s shop is located outside of Mojave, about 2 hours from Los Angeles. Originally Gene Winfield and Larry Watson started this car show and now Gene carries it on – assisted by the Rod Tossers Car Club. It isn’t a huge car show in terms of numbers, but people from all over the world come into town just to make this show!

classic cars, driving, gasoline girls

Me and my fellow Gasoline Girl, Lori made the trek out to the show together. Sometimes its nice to get out of the congested LA freeways and onto the open road!

gene winfield, mojave, custom cars, metal work

Upon arrival, there were all sorts of cool customs – Not to mention all of Gene’s projects.

custom van, econoline, modified van

custom van, custom grill, asymetrical grill

Inside one bay, was this very cool rebuild of a custom van. This van looks more cartoon than real – I love the mouth-like offset grill.

winfield car show 2011, winfield watson car show

Walking around outside was like being in a candy store – Bright colors and an array of custom details everywhere you looked.

cadillac, custom cadillac, suede cadillac

Sometimes it doesn’t take bodywork to make a car custom – adding horns to the front of this Cadillac is a perfectly chosen addition!

fade paint job, custom fade paint, Ford Ranchero wagon

I could tell that this custom fade paint wasn’t the work of Gene Winfield’s masterful hands – but none the less, I dug the painstaking care that went into this custom paint job done at home. We’ve all gotta start somewhere, right?!

winfield car show, customs, custom headlight rings, custom headlight bezels

These custom headlight rings area great touch on this bright pink custom.

louvred hood, gene winfields, louvred ranchero hood

This louvered hood laying in the back of one of Gene’s “junkyard” cars out back caught my eye. I tried to get Gene to let me take it home for my own 1960 Falcon – but he said it was spoken for already. I might just have to make a trip back up there and have someone teach me how to louver a hood!

winfield car show 2011, custom wagon, custom cars

Speaking of hoods, check out the crazy asymmetrical air scoop on this highly modified wagon. What kind of a wagon is it you ask? Just try to guess! I’ll give you a clue – it isn’t one custom car, but two.

edsel tailights, winfield custom car show, custom wagon

The whole front end comes from a 1957 Ranchero customized with Chrysler headlights and some heavy body work done by Bill Hines. The rest of the car is a modified 1957 Ford wagon. At the back you’ll find these nifty taillights – which I was very surprised to learn are factory from Edsel!

312 Y block, 312 Ford Y block, tri carb

You’ll be no less impressed by looking under the hood of this ’57. Running a nice tri-carb set-up atop a Ford 312 Y block.

custom bicycle, guitar bicycle, winfield custom car show

What is THIS strange contraption? It’s a bicycle of course! Who knew a huge guitar and amp could be turned into a bicycle!? They thought of everything on this bike. From mic stand handlebars to huge guitar pick pedals!

capri, ford capri

This Capri isn’t custom – but its hardly ever seen. There are only a handful of ’em still surviving in the US today. They’re a Ford car, imported over from England. Just the rear end is enough to make you fall in love!

custom air filter housing, roadster, gene winfields

I really wasn’t sure if this air filter cover was a nod to the band Devo or a UFO – but I’ve never seen anything like it, and that alone gets points in my book.

custom roadster, chopped top roadster, winfield car show 2011

This roadster was also unlike anything I’d ever seen before. Looking like it was originally a four door – all doors were gone, the back seat obliterated, and the chopped convertible canopy opens to let the driver in. I’m not sold on the somewhat awkward styling, but the builder receives major points for doing something original!

winfield watson gathering sign, winfield watson car show

If you’re lucky enough to be asked to sign this board, then you can proudly know you’re an important part of the custom world. A world rich with history and creativity…that I’m glad I get to be a part of!

1948 F1, 1948 f-1, 1948 Ford truck, 1948 ford pickup, 1955 Studebaker

Although my Studie and Lori’s ’48 Ford aren’t exactly custom – they’re surely one-of-a-kind! We had a terrific day out in the desert and look forward to the next Winfield Watson Custom Car Gathering!

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