World of Wheels: Have you met Jimmy?

Thanks to Autorama, was able to attend the World of Wheels show, take a ton of pictures (coming soon, right Paul?) and give away 10 tickets to the show. A great deal for everyone. I’m going to save comments on the show for another blog.

Right now, I just want to say how great it was to meet one of the guys who inspire me when building my cars, Jimmy Shine. If you think you’re into the hot rod and custom bike scene, but you don’t know Jimmy Shine, then maybe you ain’t. If you want to know more, check out this bio (Click HERE) written by Pete Chapouris, President of the SO-CAL Speed Shop (and I guess Jimmy’s boss). That bio must be kinda old though cause it doesn’t mention the TV show Pete and Jimmy did for TLC called, “Hard Shine”. That show’s where I learned more about what Jimmy Shine’s been up to and the way he builds. I saw a self made guy that’s worked his ass off to get where he is now that’s totally into the hobby. He’s living the dream so many of us have.

Before I go on, the show was not without fault. In a reality-TV type setting, So-Cal was determined to find their next fabricator from a group of 5 trainees. In that process, Jimmy put up with what I’ll call, “That chick” for FAR too long and that distracted from the show. There should be a standing rule for the next season, if you cry, you’re gone – Drama queen’s need not apply. Also, Dave, the guy who won the job, was clearly the best for the job. Dave’s project car for the show was just SICK!

jimmyshine_pike-edit.jpgSo Jimmy looked like a cool guy on the show, but how about in person? Jimmy’s appearance at the World of Wheels let me find out. Truth is, he’s even nicer than I thought. There wasn’t much of a line to meet him cause the Dads who brought their daughters were looking for the dude from Hannah Montana! But either way, Jimmy spent time talking with everyone, answering questions and personalizing every card he signed. I expected some arrogance, but couldn’t find any and felt Jimmy was genuinely bummed that most people asked him, “How’d you put up with ‘that chick’?” instead of, “What angle did you set the axle at in your 34?” Drama, not building. Like I said, he’s totally living our hobby.

I got this picture with Jimmy Shine and it’ll go up with my picture of Chip Foose, another guy it’s easy to take inspiration from.

Did YOU get to meet Jimmy Shine? Any feedback on his show?

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