World of Wheels Pics uploaded

Just wanted to let you know that Paul (Swanee3) has loaded a few of his pics from the Phoenix 2008 World of Wheels in the event picture gallery. (Click here to see it!) While you’re there, check out the tons of pics from the Goodguys show and Billetproof 2007. Coming soon are pics from Fontana Raceway and the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, CA. Here’s a sample of Swanee’s work:

World of Wheels Pictures

If you’d like to see more of Swanee’s work, check out the other site’s where he loads pictures (he tells me he loves the most!)

Then watch for some photos by a new member, SEAANDSANDS. He’s a portrait photographer, so this is a hobby for him too, but dig the effects he did on this photo. You gotta love that! Thanks guys!

World of Wheels Pictures

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