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2009 John Force Car Show - holiday charity car show Press Release from John Force Racing:


YORBA LINDA, CA (December 6, 2009) — Mother Nature and the people of Southern California cooperated to make the 12th annual John Force Racing Holiday Car Show one of the biggest in the events history. Ominous clouds made brief appearances over the 14-time champion’s shop but a comfortable breeze was the only weather variance all day as thousands of toys were dropped off making a mountain of memories for children this Christmas season. From 10 a.m. until well after 4 p.m. today toys, stuffed animals and games poured into the John Force Racing shop as fans filled the streets. Tens of thousands of people wandered through one of the largest collections of vintage cars, trucks and street rods.

Autograph John Force Racing car show John Force show Hot Rod TV his own Woodie hot rod

In addition to the hundreds of car club vehicles a number of specialty vehicles were on display including the Force Borthers “Nightstalker,” Funny Car which returned to competition this year in a one-off event at Norwalk, Ohio, plus Jay Leno’s 1955 Buick Roadmaster custom, a $2 million Bugatti Veyron, a collection of “monster rods” built from Peterbilt trucks and an historic Amphicar designed for road or water.

“Today was awesome. It was all about the kids and I think our fans really came through. We are having tough economic times and I know there are a lot of kids out there who might not have a very good Christmas. I hope being able to donate all these toys to the CHiPs Toy Drive will help. I want to thank all our sponsors for stepping up and helping out especially Tom McKernan and the Auto Club,” said John Force. 2009 John Force Car Show-ton-o-toys for kids!

“I know Craig Hoelzel really worked hard on this as well as all his volunteers. I want to thank everyone who helped out to make this happen from the bottom of my heart. My hand is just about worn out from signing autographs but it is what we do and I love spending time with the fans. We have a lot of really good friends that come out every year so it is good to see everyone. I want to especially thank Tom McEwen, Jack Beckman and Cory McClenathan. Cory Mac flew straight from Germany to be here.”

Fans were treated to music by the M.O. S. Project, Adria Force Hight’s band, as well as a number of other musical acts. In-N-Out burgers were available all afternoon and fans enjoyed the burgers.

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