1933 Tudor Street Rod Is A Cross-Country Cruiser

1933 Ford Street Rod Featured Ride

I first shared a quick photo of Jim Baugh’s light blue 1933 Ford Sedan Street Rod in the Salt Flats Speed Shop Open House story. When Jim pulled up to the shop, I immediately started taking pictures.  Let’s have a closer look…

1933 Sedan, hot rod, street rod

First of all, this ’33 was built with a mix of two styles, Street Rod and Traditional Hot Rod.  When Jim was telling all about his ’33, he sounded almost disappointed that it was a Street Rod.  I think he’s been bit by the Traditional hot rod style bug that is so prevalent at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

The Street Rod comes from the  big ‘n’ little tires, a reliable 350 small block Chevy and TH350 auto trans and front disc brakes.  The Traditional Hot Rod style’s evident from several features: the chopped top, fenderless hot rod rake, authentic Ed Roth laid pinstriping, heavily louvered decklid and solid front axle. So which is it? Who cares!

1933 Ford, hot rod, stance, Salt Flats Speed Shop

Jim nailed the complete execution and made a long-haul driver at the same time. Jim drove his ’33 from Washington state to Alabama (or was it Arkansas?) for a family reunion then to Utah for Speed Week 2010 and back home to Washington.  Wow!  Jim’s had this ’33 on the road since the mid 90’s and has put over 40,000 miles on it since.

1933, Ford Tudor, 33 grille shell, street rod

Here’s a shot to help point out the differences in the 1933-34, 1932 and 1928-31 models.  (There’s Jim in the white t-shirt eying his ’33.)  He explained the difference between the ’33 and ’34 grilles is the ’33’s have a thinner grille shell or surround compared to the ’34’s.

When I build a 30’s hot rod, it will most definitely be fenderless.  I dig the open wheel look big time!

Bonneville, Speed Week, decass

I noticed Jim has been coming out to Speed Week for a few years now as evidenced by his Bonneville National Speed Week decals.

MyRideisMe, hot rod decal

While we’re on the subject of hot rod decals, I gave Jim a MyRideisMe.com decal and he proudly placed it on his windshield.  Thanks for the support Jim!  I hope you see this feature on your hot rod.

1933, Ford Tudor, Ed Roth, pinstriping

Here’s that Ed Roth pinstriping on the dash.  How many hot rodders can say their ride has been pinstriped by Big Daddy himself?  Not many.  So cool!  Notice the steering wheel?  It’s a Cadillac unit.  Jim seemed disappointed this was not a 40’s Ford steering wheel for that traditional feel.  I actually thought it didn’t look too out of place, but I agree with Jim, an early Ford unit would go better with that pinstriped dash.

Ed Roth, Big Daddy, pinstriped, dash

Jim said Ed Roth signed his pinstriping work there at the bottom.  I leaned in and sure enough, there it is, “Roth” signed on his dash.  He laughed when he told me the story when Ed Roth was layin’ lines and a spectator leaned on the car and moved it in mid brush stroke.  I think that’s why that bottom line is a little thicker.  What a cool story he can tell because of that experience with Big Daddy.

Aces and Eights, Car Club, hot rods

I think Car Clubs are one of the great parts of car culture.  I mean, I know I really appreciate sharing my fanaticism about cars with others who feel the same way.  No place better than a Car Club.  Jim’s a member of the Aces & Eights Hot Rod Club in Washington.  What a cool name!

Aces & Eights, Hot Rod Car Club, logo

Here is the club logo placed between the door and engine cowl.

Jim Baugh's, deuce coupe, hot rod

As if his ’33 Tudor wasn’t enough, check out this 5 window coupe.  He was showing us this book of hot rod photos and pointed out to me the other cars in his collection.  Wait, there’s more…

Jim Baugh's, hot rod, roadster

Here’s another of Jim’s hot rods.  Jim has the ’33 Sedan, the 5 window, this roadster and 2 ’40 Fords.  I’m jealous!  What a nice collection of cars.  There’s a certain street rod influence in the 33, but it’s traditional hot rods that appear dominate in Jim’s garage. This flathead powered roadster pickup looks like its straight out of the 50’s and is signed by “Kookie Car” legend Norm Grabowski.

1933 Ford, Street Rod, Speed Week

It was great talking to you Jim, you are a class act.  Instead of going off to do your own thing at the Open House, you took the time to chat about your car, explain all the little details and even what you’d do differently.  I appreciate the guys like you who are willing to talk to the younger crowd and teach us a few things about this passion we call Hot Rodding and share your stories.  I just soak it in.


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