Scopin’ Out Ken Scobies 1934 Ford

1934 Ford Hotrod PickupIt was an early morning wandering around the quaint streets of Stevensville, Montana. The last thing I expected to see was a slammin’ 1934 Ford Hot Rod Pickup. If it wasn’t for my own pre-morning-coffee-haze I would’ve gone into the Full Moon Saloon and inquired who the owner was. Lucky for me (and you) that I ran into this pretty truck along with its owner Ken Scobie, once more that evening at the Stevensville Summer Picnic & Car Show.

With 2 trophies under its belt in a mere 4 weeks since being completed, this truck is worth giving a peek. Its been built from the frame up by Ken Scobie, a San Diego native that migrated on up to Montana 35 years ago while still working as mechanic. He’s since retired, and at the age of 69 says “For a poor kid growing up in the days of cool rods it has always been a dream of mine to build a rod in the old school style.”Ford 268 Flathead

Build a rod he did! “Finding this beauty was the real treat. She was in Helena, Montana behind a house out in the weeds. After two solid years of negotiating, she was all mine.” Taking into account where it came from, it’s surprising that the body had very minimal damage, no cancer, and no bullet holes – which partly accounts for why Ken decided to leave the body in its original state. Besides…I think he likes it that way – regardless of the fact that about every other person commenting on it at the show in Stevensville asked “So when ya painting it?”

Every bit of the work other than some minimal machining to the engine was done by Ken’s own hands. Ken informed me that every piece o’ this baby is a Ford part with the exception of a couple rounded headlights. It’s obvious that this is a guy who knows what he wants…even if he did have to wait awhile to get it. Ken says “I had to wait 75 years but it’s a helluva ride and the chicks dig it!”

1934 Ford Hotrod Pickup Rear-endAll this work took Ken a couple years to finish – and now that he’s drivin’ the 34 around he’ll be startin’ work next on a 36 Ford 5-window coupe arriving from Oklahoma(keep your eyes open for updates on this!) And even way up there in Montana, I’m sure Ken is helped along by his comrades in The Shifters Car Club based out of Lolo, Montana (not to be confused with the So.Cal Shifters.) Ken says The Shifters formed just 3 years ago with 5 guys and has currently grown to over 100 members (girl members included!) So if you ever find yourself up in Montana, give Ken a call and maybe he’ll bring his spunky 34′ over to the Full Moon Saloon and share a beer…if ya can’t make it all the way up there, leave a comment and let him know what ya think!

The Details….

  • Owner/Builder: Ken Scobie of Stevensville, Montana
  • Car: 1934 Ford Pickup
  • Paint/Body: original
  • Engine: Ford 268 Flathead – Polished, ported, relieved by owner
  • Carb: Dual 97s
  • Transmission: 1963 Ford 4-speed side shift converted via Jeep C7 to a top-load floor shift
  • Brakes: Disc in front with Chevy Vega cross steer and 3/16th stainless steel lines
  • Rear End: Ford 9″ with 3.56 ratio attached via 1936 radius rods and a transverse spring
  • Front Axle: Chromed 4″ dropped Bell I beam with Pete and Jake hairpins as well as front and back panhard bars
  • Exhaust: hand built with Scotty mufflers
  • Fuel: Electric pump with 3/8″ polished fuel line
  • Interior: In progress
  • Contact Info: moc.oohaynull@drof43eibocsk1934 Ford Hotrod Pickup Interior