Get’n Buffed – My Falcon Wagon Gets a Shine-on

Ford Falcon Wagon – Get’n Buffed

Crushed. Stopped dead and pissed. That’s how I’d describe myself following my first paint attempt on my 1963 Falcon Wagon.


Ford Falcon, Falcon Wagon, 63 Falcon Wagon
The After shot of the inner quarter panel.


How should I feel? The bodywork sucked, there were foo-boos all over the place from a careless painter who’s been cheating everyone he meets since. But… that angry tone and deflated project is  almost completely back on track now! My wagon’s got a new coat of flat gold paint and the interior paint’s almost completely fixed thanks to my buddies at Infinite Detail.


I first met Jeff from Infinite cause he joined and uploaded some pictures of his 1960 Falcon Wagon. I contact him and cried on his should some about the sorry state of my Falcon’s paint. He showed me his website and the “before and after” pictures and said, “Let me take a look.”


Soon after, Jeff and his brother-in-law Mike were over. They took a long look, then explained in great detail what they could and couldn’t do and offered a written quote. That kind of honesty and clarity about what they couldn’t do is the only reason I’m not completely done with the interior. Hey, they’re not magicians! One panel was so far gone, they just couldn’t bring it back.

Ford Falcon, Falcon Wagon, 1963 Falcon Wagonford falcon
These are the “Before”, nut wrenching shots of the runs. Here’s what a non-pro delivers (Click to see full size… and cry)


My goal for the paint was to repair, if possible the mile-long runs left in the inside quarter panels… on both sides. After that, all was gravy, but I wanted to see what the boys could do. In the pictures below, I tell the story about what they did and how they did it. No doubt – these guys are professionals and take as much time and care as any craftsmen I’ve ever seen. They freak’n resurrected my interior!



Let the guys from Infinite Detail take a look at your ride! If they can make crap paint look this good, imagine what they can do with good paint! It sure was a pleasure, and a relief, to work with Jeff and Mike. I can’t recommend their service any higher!


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