2008 America’s Most Beautiful Roadster

2008 Grand National Roadster Show Winner

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The votes are in for the 2008 America’s Most Beautiful Roadster award from the “Grand-daddy of them all” the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California held last weekend, 1/26-27. Thanks to the show’s promoter at Hotrodshows.com, I found the basic description for the AMBR:

“The judges at this show are looking for excellence in: Display, Engineering, Paint, Engine, Interior, and Detail. All AMBR entries must be able to start under their own power and move forwards and backwards. All AMBR entries will be displayed in 20 X 20’s in Building 4. Winner is determined by a point system from the judging staff, and producer.”

Good luck guys! ALL of the cars looking to win the AMBR are nearly perfect. What am I saying? They are perfect! But let’s break this down a little. Before we do, here’s the winner:

The 32 Roadster owned by Rudy Necoechea called, “Undisputed”

2008 America's Most Beautiful Roadster

As I’ve mentioned before, writing about another contending car, (previous blog, click here) the judges for these polished wonders have the painstaking job of finding things, “wrong” with these cars. Taste judgments are not allowed, so what else are they gonna do?

I’m curious though, is the requirement, “All AMBR entries must be able to start under their own power and move forwards and backwards” enough for you? I’m not sure. Does this rule mean the cars can be driven? Check out this next picture, look at it closely… (you can click on it to make it bigger)

Detailed view of suspension, AMBR, Undisputed

What do you notice? Amazing polish work? Tires sparkling clean? Polished brake rotors…. what? If it rolled forward, how did it stop to roll backwards without scratching? Ah… who cares! Dig that grill! It looked like cut diamonds the way it caught the light. More than one Oscar nominee will consider wearing this grill with their Versace gown. The builder of this car, Scott’s Hot Rods and Customs also from Cali pulled out all stops and left nothing unpolished. Looking at this car from any angle, there wasn’t one piece on this car that didn’t shine. Check out the back.

Rear details, America's Most Beautiful Roadster

I should also mention the display this car sat on was far and away the best of show, end of discussion. I wanted the winner to be slowly turning, just up in the air for me to gaze at in classic indoor show style. It did, but the roulette wheel theme went way over the top. Very cool. I’m wondering two things though… what’s roulette got to do with a car named, “Undisputed” (shouldn’t it be a boxing ring? – copyright pending on that one!) and did anyone notice if the roulette ball had landed in #32?

Roulette wheel of AMBR winner

So there you have it, like it or not. I did pick this car to win although I’m not sure it was my favorite, that’s a discussion for another blog. There’s not doubt though, the combo of the never-ending shine and display works for me. What do you think happens to these cars after they’ve finished the show circuit?

I’ll wrap up by saying that this was the best car show I’ve ever attended. The amazing builds with new measures for attention to detail, the historic customs from Barris and the cools cars and people made this show one I’ll never miss again. There are several more stories coming from this show. Good times.

Feel free to comment on the AMBR, the show, this blog, whatever! Did you dig the show? Which cars did you like? (I probably got a picture of it and they’re on the way to the MyRideisMe.com picture gallery. Stay tuned.

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