2009 “Cruisin for a Cure” in-Picture Recap

Cruisin for a CureOne thing I liked (and some might hate) about the Crusin for a Cure car show in Orange County, California is the wide variety of cars filling Costa Mesa’s OC Fair and Events center. Seems like most of the big shows I’ve been to are restricted to a certain year or type of car. Not here!

From hot rods and classics to exotics and muscle cars and even some, “Custom” PT Cruisers ( More on that soon) Crusin for a Cure had a little something for everyone!

Dont’ forget, this show’s for charity. I haven’t heard the final stats, but the show benefited City of Hope to raise awareness and fund prostate cancer research.

As part of the show and like everyone else in the line that was fairly full every time I went by, I got my free PSA screening as a first step to making sure I stay prostate cancer free.  Guys could also wait in a short line for a test that’s never any fun, but necessary for early detection of the most survivable cancers in men… the dreaded digital exam.  I applaud the guys who took time away from enjoying the show to get checked. I’m sure if Debbie Baker, the lady behind the show, and Ross Kroenert, the Executive VP, could save just 1 life, all their hard work would be worth it.

I got the stats from Debbie:

We raised $175,000 and tested a record 1,166 men which 13% were told seek additional medical from their physicians. (that is approximately 150 guys we saved again) and that is what this show is about. You cannot put a dollar amount on a life or lives we save every year and that is what makes this so special.

So here’s my photo recap of the show. (Click on any pic to see it full size)

Hot Rod coupe - Cruisin for a Cure 2009 Favorites - sunset in line

This cool coupe was staged outside the OC Fair on Friday before the show. Guys that had been to "Crusin for a Cure" before know that it fills up fast and early on Saturday so it's best to be early or better yet, get there the night before. White walls on red steelies with a triple-carbed hemi. Hard to go wrong there.

Barracuda Muscle car - Cruisin for a Cure 2009 Favorites

Folks come in EARLY! This Barracuda enjoyed the rain-like dew falling from the trees after a morning of fairly heavy fog. My roadster got the same treatment! Standing there, it felt like it was raining.

Gasser Chevy Cruisin for a Cure 2009 Favorites

Another morning shot of this cool, Gasser-styled 1938 Chevy. I guess we missed photographing this car at the Main Street El Segundo show. Here it is now and it was one of my favorites!

Rat Rod - Cruisin for a Cure 2009 Favorites - Coffin-like sedan

Not far from the gasser was this "scary" old Sedan. The Hemi power and style from the more-patina-than-paint did it for me, but those eerie curtains put me over the top thinking, "Coffin" or hearse. Is it me?

Lowered Econoline Cruisin for a Cure 2009 Favorites

Too cool, especially cause my buddy Erock has one, this lowered Ford Econoline was dragging ass all over the fairgrounds. With chrome steelies and whites and a tonneau cover out back, this was a super clean and rarely seen truck. There's more pics in the picture gallery.

Chevy Suburban -Cruisin for a Cure 2009 Favorites

This Suburban also caught my eye because of another friend, Mr. Freeze is building a 'burb similar to this one, but he's got a long way to go to catch this lay'd out family wagon. Check out the details under the hood!

Ford Pickup - Cruisin for a Cure 2009 Favorites

While we're on trucks, I saw a few late 60's to early 70's Ford pickups. Rangers and F100's, they were slammed and flat along with shiny and lifted. There's a ton of lowered 60's Chevy trucks out there, so it was nice to see the Ford represented. I bet this is an inexpensive truck to buy and customize. Pops, can I borrow your truck?

57 Chevy Gasser Cruisin for a Cure 2009 Favorites

If you don't like gassers, you ain't right. Some purists might gasp at a 57 Chevy turned anything but stock, but look closely, it's a 4 door! You know what? Who cares! It's got the right nose in the air stance and looks like tons of fun at a fraction of the cost of a 2 door.

Offenhauser engine Cruisin for a Cure 2009 Favorites

You know how they say the Quad 4 motors look like Offenhausers? They kinda do and to show ya, here's the real thing nestled into a roadster pickup hiding indoors.

Pontiac Safari Cruisin for a Cure 2009 Favorites - wagons!

To wrap up, I gotta go high class. This 1957 Pontiac Safari wagon fit right in next to hot rods and slammed customs just as it came off the show room floor. Looking at modern cars, I have to ask, where'd all this style go?

Custom Riviera - Cruisin for a Cure 2009 Favorites

I saw this Riv cruising a couple times and had to show it here. I might have to have a low slung, long coupe like this Buick some day. The clean lines and the pure style of the grille and hidden headlights are too cool.

Buick Riviera Cruisin for a Cure 2009 Favorites - love this Riv

Showing the interior of the Riviera,stock or 100% custom, I'm not sure, but it's right on! I'd want to drive in a car like this every day.

Custom Lincoln Continental Cruisin for a Cure 2009 Favorites

Finally, this 1947 Lincoln Continental Coupe. Is this custom or bone stock? The fact that it's hard to tell makes me love it even more. I should have tracked down the owner of this car to find out more about it. With all the cars, early, late and every build type, this Lincoln was top of the heap.

That’s it! See anything you like?

Make plans to be at this show, the largest one day charity car show in the country, next year. Check out all the cars, get checked for prostate cancer and help a worthy cause. 3 for 3!

MANY more pictures found in the Crusin for a Cure photo gallery.

Did we photograph your car? If so, let us know!

Special thanks to Debbie and the entire crew at Crusin for Cure. I hope to see you next year.