2009 Viva Las Vegas Car Show – See for Yourself

chopped-n-dropped hot rod Sedan sitting so low!

As a Viva LasVegas car show virgin, I drove blindly into a sea of horseshit opinions about what the Rockabilly Weekender is… without first hand experience, I checked and heard varying opinions about the show, especially about what I’m most interested in, the strolling pinups… no, scratch that, the hot rods! Just like the saying goes, everyone’s got an opinion and I have to say, most of what I heard STANK! Living in Arizona, and only about 5 hours from Las Vegas, I decided to roll up and check for myself. (so here’s my opinion… keep the air-freshener handy)

First off, what had I heard about the Viva Las Vegas Car Show or “Rockabilly Weekender” as it’s called? I heard the quality of cars sucked. NOT true. I heard it wasn’t a fun crowd. Also not true. Then, even though I’m not a big rockabilly fan, I did enjoy the music… and I only got to hear what was played outside at the car show.

About the rides… The cars I found were almost all right up my alley. Nobody goes to a car show and only finds what they like, but if you’re into DRIVEN cars that are owned by guys that eat, sleep and shit cars, then you will find cars you like at Viva Las Vegas.  I guess I expected to see a bunch of the bare-bones type “rat rods”, cause that’s what I was told.

rusty but sweet Caddilac custom dropped and road ready

Defining rat rod at this point is downright boring, but what I mean is cars built without basic necessities like for example, a floor. Cruising with a u-joint spinning next to my hand and ass is not my idea of fun. But that’s not what I found! I found tough looking hot rods with rough edges, but done purposefully. Leaving a weld unfinished like what I found in this low-slung sedan in the picture was cool and different.

Then, in addition to the hot rods and (screw the word rat) traditional style rods, the customs on hand were great. Chopped, dropped, some painted, some not, but all with the attention to detail that is exactly what, My Ride is Me is all about. This slick 53 Chevy 210 Sedan custom shown here was DAMN rusty… but who cares! The character was unmistakable and you won’t see this thing wasting away in a garage somewhere! For me, the cars were the stars of the show and will bring me back next year, hopefully driving my falcon wagon.

Picture of all the hot rod and custom cars at the Viva Las Vegas Car show are uploaded.

From here, there’s much more to say, but It’ll wait for another blog.strolling pinup model posing in streamlined custom car

The Story’s DONE! Look at Ladies of Viva! Viva Las Vegas is known for the pinup and generally vintage-style girls strolling around and either digging the scene or for a smile and a “would-ya-please” they’ll stand next to your ride and strike a pose. Swanee shot a bunch of girls doing their thing and we’ll post them in the Hot Rod Pinups Gallery soon.
(Swanee! Get to work!)

pinstriped gas tank example of classic pinstripingMyRideisMe.com is also starting our own Pinstriping photo gallery. Use it as a reference for your own ride or to teach yourself different styles or techniques of striping, lettering or logos and characters. I dig pinstriping and wish I could do it myself. Since that’s probably not in the cards, shooting pics of the great many examples of pinstriping at Viva Las Vegas car show was a natural!
The first set of pictures are now loaded. More coming soon! (want your work featured?) Here’s more info about the pinstiping art gallery.

Also look for great show coverage from Kristin or “Grease Girl”. She was at the show and made alot of new friends with pinups and other women enjoying the show. She’s also gonna fill us in on the drive she made in her hot rod Studebaker.

Finally, why was Viva Las Vegas a great show? It was easy for car folks to enjoy! Instead of gouging car owners, the price of the car show was included in the 4 day price of the show. That included all the bands, the burlesque shows and admission to the Tiki Pool party. Why do other shows make the cars pay extra? Great job!! The Viva crowd dominated the Orleans hotel bars and tables all having a good time. For the car show itself, it was only five-bucks to enter! The line of people stretched 200 long waiting to get in, and when they did, they still had extra cash to spend on the many quality vendors. That’s the way to do it. Cool hot rods and customs, the strolling pinups looking hot and live music with friends. What else is there? (oh, cold beer! Thanks Throttle Kings!)

So what’s your opinion? Did you enjoy yourself? Will you be there next year? Will you recommend it as a “Must Show” for next year? Let us know…

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