2010 Ridler Winner Announced: Gold Digger

2010 Ridler Award Winner Detroit Autorama, ridlerPictures by: Doug Nykanen

The votes are in both in Cobo Hall at the Detroit Autorama and here at MyRideisMe.com where you could Vote for your favorite “Great 8” car.  Funny thing is, by 2 votes, the very unofficial voting picked “Gold Digger” same as the judges in Detroit.

We’ll have more pictures of the Ridler winner and the rest of the Detroit Autorama soon, but for now, here’s the shots we have of this beautiful hot rod.

2010 Ridler Award Winner pictures, photos, photography, Detroit Autorama

At this level, every car is perfect. Without sitting inside or hearing from the builders how they did it or why, or maybe cranking up the tunes, we just get to stare and go… yea, that’s extremely well done.

2010 Ridler Award Winner Engine picture, photo, pic, Detroit Autorama

Anyone have a picture showing this engine compartment in a little more detail? (I asked, and Kevin from extrudabody.com hooked me up! Thanks to Tammy, the owner for sending it to him)

hot rod fuel injection ridler winner engine

Notice: A total lack of wires, even for what’s must be electronic fuel injection.  When’s the last time you looked under the hood of a modern car. If you’d remove the over-sized engine cover, you’d see a MESS of wires and clutter. That’s when you truly appreciated the detail of a show car like this.

2010 Ridler Award Winner Detroit Autorama pictures, photos, pics

So here it is, the 2010 Ridler Award winner Gold Digger owned by Tammy Ray of Dahlonega, Georgia. The builder was  T&T Customs. I’d include a link to them, but I can’t find it. Someone help me out.

Like the 2010 “America’s Most Beautiful Roadster” winner, “Possessed”, I’m sure there’ll be some heated (and sometimes just hateful) discussion about “Gold Digger”.  I hope you’ll discuss it right here in the comments. (you don’t have to be a member to comment)

Mike Dingham, owner of Possessed, defended his AMBR win and gave his side of the controversy about being disqualified at one point during the show.  Any time you assemble great roadsters like the AMBR contenders, a somewhat heated discussion’s bound to happen. Plus, unlike Gold Digger, the styling of Mike’s 33 Ford left more than a few people scratching their head.

The Ridler Award and America’s Most Beautiful Roadster are, in my mind, the top two hot rod awards in the country. (Agree?) So congratulation to Tammy Ray (I heard she’s a gold mine owner/operator, thus the name…) for a great car and a great achievement.

Let the discussion begin.

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