2011 Sacramento Autorama – 61 Years of Kustoms

Custom Cars and Hot Rods in Sacramento

Story Contributed by MyRideisMe.com member: Nick Koljian “Hellcity316”

The Sacramento Autorama is “The Kustom Capital of the World”. Believe it.2011 Sacramento Autorama, Custom Cars, hot rods, kustom cars

After 61 years the Sacramento Autorama is one of the longest running indoor shows and with 450 custom cars, hot rods and specialty rides of all kinds covering Cal Expo’s buildings and fairgrounds.

Leroy Semas, Sacramento Autorama winner, 1937 Chevy CustomThe Sacramento Autorama started back in 1950,  when Sacramento businessman Harold “Baggy” Bagdasarian and his car club, the Capitol City Auto Club Thunderbolts, Baggy convinced club members to, “Settle friendly arguments over the outstanding merits of their personal customized cars.” This according to the show’s current host, Rodshows.com, the same folks who bring you the Grand National Roadster Show. The original show attracted 22 entries and 500 spectators with the first “Best Custom Car” trophy going to Leroy Semas for his 1937 Chevrolet coupe. (photo courtesy of Kustomrama.com)

2011 Sacramento Autorama, Custom Cars, kustom cars, custom car pictures

Once again, the 2011 NorCal car show season is under way! Kicking off the car show season is the 2011 Sacramento Autorama. Bay Area car clubs and car clubs from far and wide come to open the car show season at this mega custom car free for all. This weekend-long affair is filled with music, drink and great hot rod fare.

2011 Sacramento Autorama, Custom Cars, custom car pictures, flat paint custom cars

Of course the Sacramento Autorama is going to have pinstriping from some of the best that northern cali has to offer. With the likes of Mr.Wim, T-Bonez graffix, Rich Luna and others laying in the lines. Other pinstripers at the show were pinstriping for charity by donating panels for the charity auction being held later Saturday night.

2011 Sacramento Autorama, custom car pictures, kustom Car pictures, lowrider pictures

Now getting back to the “Kustom Capitol of the World” statement, this show had cars built by customizing icons such as Gene Winfield and John D’Agostino. Not to mention some local masters of fabrication as well like Skoty Chops and Alex Gambino being challenged by Idaho builder Russ Freund whose “Takeout T” shocked the 2011 GNRS.

2011 Sacramento Autorama, Hot Rod T bucket, "Takeout T"Look for a feature on Russ’ T soon!

If eye popping custom jobs where not your thing, the Sacramento Autorama has a little bit of everything for everyone. If you like custom they had 6 buildings full of pre and post 1965 custom winners. Not only do they have that if you are looking for more of a classic without all the frill or maybe just your simple rod. You could just step outside and grab yourself one of those foot long corn dogs and walk the parking lot.

2011 Sacramento Autorama, hot rods outside, Car club pictures, autorama pictures

If you liked muscle cars, they had that. Motor-cycles, custom and classic… yep that too. The weather was perfect, the crowd was big and the day was a success. Like it has been for the past 61 years. I couldn’t think of any other way to kick off the 2011 car show season than with the 2011 Sacramento Autorama. Look for more kustoms and hot rods from NorCal soon…

If I don’t see ya at the show, I’ll see ya in the streets. -N/K!

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