Rainy Billetproof in Washington – The Show Goes on

Hot Rods and Custom Cars Search for Cover

Well you know how Washington weather is, and this June we’d like to forget. Almost every weekend event it’s rained. I Had my doubts about going to Billetproof in Washington, but what the hell , I’m going!

A lot of die hard car people drove down friday night, I waited till Saturday morning and headed down. Hour and half later threw a terrible down pour I was there. Once inside I was surprised to see they had moved most of the cars inside.

All showed up wipers or not!
2012 Billetproof Washington, 2012 Billetproof, hot rods and custom cars

Check this out the Kid just Graduated from High School and did all the bodywork and paint on this just in time for the show. Way to go Austo!
custom chevy, 2012 Billetproof Washington

A lot of nice rides made it to the show dispute the RAIN. I told you it was raining right?

Umbrella in hand to cover the camera looking for that cool rod. I thought this coupe was cool sitting all alone under cover.
2012 Billetproof Washington, hot rod

Here is another shot
hot rod coupe, 2012 Billetproof Washington

No more room inside for these guys , but they didn’t seem to care.
2012 Billetproof Washington, custom cars, car show pictures

2012 Billetproof Washington, custom car pictures

I left the show early but I heard this was the Award winner (If I’m wrong let me know) I’ll have more pics of this in the gallery.2012 Billetproof Washington, hot rod, model T hot rod
(Editor’s note: This is the Take-out T from Idaho. Read more about what we dubbed, “America’s Most Bitchin Roadster” here.)

I said it was raining right?

I had enough and I left early and of course it cleared up just in time for the night cruise they do. Looks like over all we had a good time.

I see the California influence is coming on strong , Mitzi & Co. and Varga attended this year’s Washington Billetproof. We have Hod Rodders here too you know!

I wonder if I could get a ride in this truck?
hot rod pickup, 2012 Billetproof Washington

Well even if the sun doesn’t shine we’ll be there. See Ya at the next event.
Mark Jacobs