2012 Nite of the Hot Rods – Kool-Aid Will Be Served

Northern California Car Show – Hot Rods and Custom Cars

Story Contributed by MyRideisMe.com member: Nick Koljian “Hellcity316”

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You ever get an invitation to a party and just get stoked that you are going? You mark it on the calendar and count down the days. “Oh man, 1 more week!” You check your smart phone mid week knowing that it’s this Saturday, “Dude, I wonder what’s going to be on the BBQ?”

Friday rolls around and you’re cruising home from work just gassed about tomorrow, ” This party is going to rock!” you’re so excited that on Saturday morning you’re  already up before the alarm goes off. You’re on Facebook telling all your friends where to be at. Then, at that very moment you receive text on your phone, you break down to check it and the number’s one you don’t recognize: 4664. The message reads,”kool-aid will be served….” My alarm goes off and I pop out of bed knowing with a dream like that I must be excited for the show.

Today is the Dragoons Car Cult 6th annual Nite Of The Hot Rods @ The Riverview Lodge in downtown Antioch, CA.

Nite of the Hot Rods 2012 story & photos by The Lens Junkies

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I pull up early to meet up with the new member of the MyRideisMe.com family, photographer John Lemoine. We wanted to get some shots of the move in. Where the Dragoons CC have the Nite of the Hot Rods (NOTHRs), the location always makes for some great shots! If you’ve read my past coverage on this show you know the Riverview Lodge is a restaurant and bar that was built in 1948 and sits right on a pier that overlooking the Antioch delta. If you’re lucky, you can catch a glimps of passing cargo ships on there way out to sea.

Well with the move in of hot rods and custom cars, you drive in right through historical downtown Antioch. So picture a bunch of customs and rods lining the streets of old town Antioch to get in and onto the pier of the Riverview Lodge. It’s a pretty cool sight.

The Dragoons, like past NOTHRs, always like to make it as fun as possible. This year’s event had the 50/50 raffle where one lucky person got 70 buckaroos right out of Dragoons pocket. I think it was all ones too. Which I found hysterical. Also this year was the Miss Dragoons 2012 which was won by Ms. Heather Jukich. Who also received a cool 100 bones. Along with the raffle and pin-up contest and a small host of vendors there was the bands which ripped it throughout the show. Blacktop Tragedy, One After Another and Rocketship Rockship.

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Mid-way through the show the pier was packed with custom cars and righteous rods. There was about 217 rides which filled the entire pier. The club showing was well represented, like usual. The Villainz CC, Road Lords from San Jose, Swanx from nearby Vallejo, Los Boulevardos CC, Bay Bombs CC from the east bay and the Style Kings to name a few. It really was a great showing for such a personable show. As the sun was getting ready to dip down below the horizon the awards where passed out to the best of the show. Best Custom went to Brandon Freel with his home built 52′ Buick. Best Paint went Los Boulevardos own Memo for his 58′ Lincoln. Villainz CC pick went to the Dragoons CC Nick Lagusis with his wild chopped custom 56′ Chrysler. To some guy named Nick I apologize for not remembering what the hell you won Best Hot Rod with. (help up out, leave a comment)

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All in all, the Nite of the Hot Rods is always a great time. It is like a family get together or a party with all of your closest friends. The location of the show is fantastic and the weather is always perfect. We did get to a huge cargo ship pass on the delta right in front of the show which the crowd thought was really cool and was one of many highlights of the night. This is and always will be a “not to miss” show in my opinion.

The Dragoons CC have made a firm foundation in the hot rod community over the years with this show and I don’t see them slowing down anytime soon. With this show and being the host club of Billetproof, the Dragoons are for sure a cult to be reckon with. Substituting purple air Jordan’s and black trench coats with honor, dedication and loyalty. Don’t fret though, kool aid is still served cold at Johnny’s garage. If you want to learn more about any Dragoons CC event just simply go to http://www.facebook.com/dragoons.carcult

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Final Word

Usually here I will give you the breakdown of what I thought of the show. But this time I’m going to change it up and release this statement from the founder and cult guru of the Dragoons Car Cult Max Ballesteros.

Brothers and sisters, I think it is safe to say that the time has come to decide… it’s time to turn on (your cars) , tune in (to some punk rock) and drop out (of what you’re comfortable with). The Dragoons Car Cult is pure automotive love, and Nite of the Hot Rods is a show for those who share the same interests as us, to sit back and take it all in. Kustoms, Hot Rods and punk rock. We don’t care about perfect pomp’s, or other garbage like that. Since when did you have to listen to rockabilly to be a hot rodder or custom dude anyways?! We focus on building, driving, and enjoying our cars. This year’s show was like none other, and myself, along with the rest of the Dragoons Car Cult, hope you will join us next year, and every year after that. Come on in, the kool-aid is freezing. -Max “mugzy” founding father DRAGOONS CAR CULT

To see all of Nick and John’s picture, go to our Hot Rod Picture Gallery for Nite of the Hot Rods

Well said Max. -N/K

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