2nd Annual Hot Rod Industry BMX Challenge

Hot Rod Industry BMX Challenge t-shirt design

The Hot Rod Industry BMX Challenge (HRIC) is just a few weeks away!

Tim and Carrie Strange from  Strange Motion Rod & Custom sent over this info about the 2nd Annual BMX Challenge held at the massive Street Rod Nationals in Louisville, KY, August 5-8th. (More info about the Street Rod Nationals) Here’s the BMX Challenge Info:

We are really excited about the BMX Challenge this year – we have changed the rules just a little – for the HRIC you must be a participant or vendor at the Street Rod Nationals – the BMX race is once again FREE of charge for you to participate in BUT to mix it up a little and to help give you guys and the spectators a better show we challenge you to “get sponsored”.

We will be running a Pro/Am mixed in with the Hot Rod Challenge and in order to bring in the “big guns” we have to show them the money! So we challenge you to get a sponsor for your race.  Along with your name being announced during the race your sponsor will get some plugs as well!  We ask you to get a min of $25 but challenge you to get more – the rider with the most sponsor money will get an extra special prize!

Standard Byke Company is on board again this year – the winner of the HRIC will receive a new frame!

BMX Plus MagazineSo why combine BMX and Hot Rodding? Maybe there’s more people like me who used to love BMX and customized, cleaned and cruised our BMX bikes when our dad’s were in the garage working on their custom ride. That’s what happened to me! My Race Inc. bike was a clean machine…

I devoured BMX Action or BMX Plus when they arrived and dreamed of being a pro rider one day like Stompin Stu Thomson and Greg Hill. (heck, outside of pop’s Hot Rod magazines, that’s all I read!)

Well as you might have guessed, BMX racing has changed some. Check it out on Standard Byke Company’s page with a couple videos: Modern Pro BMX Race

The picture above is the event T-shirt designed by Problem Child Kustoms. I’ll let you know how and when to get your own.

So does anyone else feel like they got into hot rodding through BMX? Let me know in a comment below.