A Newbie at 2014 GNRS…The Most Fun?

The Suede Palace, for sure!

hot rod 1934 Ford Coupe, hot rod Patina, hot rod Roadster


Take an Iowa “kid”, ship him to hot rod mecca (in this case, the 2014 Grand National Roadster Show) and then ask him…”Well? Whadja like the best?” Aside from the pure California vibrations that set in just after stepping off the plane from the frigid Midwest, this hot rodder had a hard time sitting still over a two-day jaunt at the Pomona Fairplex where not only could your hot rod addiction be satiated, but you could easily overdose…all with a great big smile on your face.


The historic GNRS, celebrating 65 continuous years of car mania events, is everything and more, if you’ve heard any tales of what this show is all about. Let’s see, the main building has all the potentials vying for 2014 America’s Most Beautiful Roadster and they are surrounded by some of the finest custom and hot rod iron this car nut could ever imagine. Then there’s oh, yes, five  more buildings filled full of chrome, speed and attitude only a fanatic could truly appreciate.


1932 Ford Roadster, hot rod roadster, 2014 Suede Palace

2014 Suede Palace, hot rods, hot rod roadster


The Pomona complex is huge and the main building consumes hours of walking and gawking by itself. More buildings and more exhibits await but there’s one place where the vibe is all it’s own and the “kid” can’t help but hang out just a little longer here to soak in the gentle breeze of old school custom, slow goin’ classiness and a gearhead community that made it clear…they were here to talk hot rods, do a bit of dancin’ (and maybe some singin’) and generally celebrate only the way true hot rodders know how.


2014 GNRS Suede Palace3


This place just ROCKED! If you walked into the Suede Palace with a gloomy outlook, you left it with a big smile. The people, the hot rods and customs, the attitude that “we all love the same thing here” was evident in all corners of the building and out back where a special little area was set aside for some parking lot jawwing and gawking that made the rest of the show seem a continent away. The traditional customs and rods definitely drew appreciative crowds who were entertained throughout the day with genuine live rockabilly and blues that just plain kept the place hoppin’ all day long. There were 16 car clubs from throughout California that attended this year’s Suede Palace festivities, many of them sponsoring special club choice trophies that were given to vehicles on display.

Custom 1935 Dodge, 2014 GNRS Suede Palace, custom cars

1946 Ford Coupe, custom 1946 ford coupe, custom cars, 2014 Suede Palace


So what was the best thing about 2014 Grand National Roadster Show? It was definitely the Suede Palace. Great vehicles, great conversation, great music, great friendship. It just couldn’t be better.


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