Great 8 from Above – Ridler Award 2013 – Contenders

2013 Detroit Autorama – Ridler Award Contenders’s show sponsor: Auto Meter Gauges

If you’re 6’4″ you don’t need a ladder… might as well use the height for some good and give another look at the “Great 8” cars contending for the coveted Ridler Award. After another day at the show, the winner’s unknown and among friends, there’s no clear favorite. (lots of bias tho!)

Ridler Award Contender – 1934 Ford Sedan

Hot rod sedan, 1934 Hot Rod,Ridler Award 2013
Gotta show the slick sedan from Arizona some love. It’s an amazing color, even in the brutal lights inside Detroit’s Cobo Hall.

Ridler Award Contender – 1965 Corvette

custom 1965 Corvette,Ridler Award 2013
After talking to the good people at Greening Auto Company, especially Jesse Greening, the chief builder, we’re learning more and gaining more respect for this gorgeous Corvette.

Ridler Award Contender – 1940 Ford

hod rod 40 ford, 1940 Ford,Ridler Award 2013
Barely visible is the matching gold of the flathead over shadowed by the menacing blower. We briefly saw the hood down and the doors closed before this happened:

ISCA Judging,Ridler Award 2013
This is the judges doing their thing. They go over every part of the car, including the build books to learn what makes one car more amazing than the next. Owners and builders help them to not miss a thing. I heard they get a chance to go back later, after hours, to have one last look before they vote.

Ridler Award Contender – 1956 Buick

Custom Buick, 1956 Buick,Ridler Award 2013
See the twin turbos? Nope, still can’t… you can make out the triple-action plating going on. Another amazingly cool feature on this car? The turbos breathe through the port holes!

Ridler Award Contender – 1957 Chevy Pickup

hot rod pickup, 1970s Chevy Pickups,Ridler Award 2013
I’d really like to see this trick truck with the hood down. The injector stacks are completely hidden underneath…

Ridler Award Contender – 1972 Chevy Pickup

hot rod pickup, 1950s Chevy Pickups,Ridler Award 2013
It was my pleasure talking with Buddy about the Texas “Reaper”. There’s no hiding the blower under the hood though… the Reaper lets you know he’s comin!

Ridler Award Contender – 1934 Ford Coupe or Roadster?

1934 Ford Hot Rod,Ridler Award 2013
We shot this fully custom 1934 Ford yesterday with it’s hard top on. I like it better without the top myself, how about you? So that makes it a roadster, right?

Ridler Award Contender – 1935 Ford Phaeton

1935 Ford Phaeton,Ridler Award 2013
Also wearing more than one top… this convertible top tucks completely within the body thanks to a custom convertible mechanism made by owner/designer John Mayer. Top down next please!

Still undecided about your favorite?
32 More Picture of the 2013 Ridler Award Contenders Here

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