Amazing Photo Rocks Hetfield’s Zephyr

James Hetfield’s 1937 Lincoln Zephyr

 James Hetfield, 1937 Zephyr, Lincoln Zephyr


Hetfield showed two amazing rides at the 2012 Grand National Roadster Show. This is one. Unlike the photos I usually take, when I review them, I’m not moved like I was seeing the car first hand. Not, NOT true with this piece from photographer Tim Sutton with finishing by Coby Gewertz (of Church fame). Even more amazing? They were giving these away! Did you get one?

So I asked Coby about the poster and how it was made. (Alert! Learning opportunity here…)

Here’s what Coby told me…

Transforming a Hot Rod Photo:

Rick Dore called and said he needed someone to design a poster for James’ Zephyr in a hurry. I agreed to do it after hours from my day job under the condition that he had decent photography. It needed to be done in 3 days so they would have time to get it printed in time for the GNRS. James Hetfield, 1937 Zephyr, Lincoln Zephyr

He sent me 3 pics Tim Sutton had taken for Rod and Custom and away I went. I retouched all the reflections out of the car, added a new one, changed the sky, the horizon line, added ground and did some type. It was super classy (I thought) to go with the tastefulness of the car. Rick LOVED it….

 James Hetfield, 1937 Zephyr, Lincoln Zephyr

But… James had a different vision. He wanted it darker, more sinister and with fire coming up from the bottom. It sounded pretty lame, and I didn’t want my name attached to a cheezy poster.

I decided to take one crack at it using James’ suggestions, but doing it with my sensibilities. If they didn’t like it, then perhaps I wasn’t the guy for the job. I emailed them a version, James was a happy camper and I sent it to the printer. I’ve never seen the printed piece.

I’m guessing James was happy because he asked me to do another poster for his 53 buick. They should be available at the Sacramento show this weekend. In the end, I was very happy with the outcome despite my initial hesitation to James’ comments.

Here’s the finished piece again. He nailed it.
 James Hetfield, 1937 Zephyr, Lincoln Zephyr

Check out Coby at his Facebook Page or get the magazine he makes, t-shirts or art work at his Church site with the dead-on URL:
Then learn about the photographer, Tim Sutton at his photography homepage
I’ll be posting a feature about more Tim Sutton photography soon. Tim’s shots inspire. Check it out.

Guys, where can we get one of these posters?


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