The Under-loved and Under-appreicated AMC AMX

Classic American Sports Car – AMC AMX

I was looking through my buddy Mike Gulett’s website called when I found this beauty of an AMC.

AMC AMX, American Motors, American Sports car

It immediately reminded me of this concept drawing:
1974 AMC Hornet, Custom AMC Hornet, concept drawing

While not the same car, both show that the AMC make needs a little love!

The drawing is hot rod art straight from the  mind of my buddy Brian over at He called it, “Let them eat cheese”

Mike’s MyCarQuest article explains:

The AMX could be bought with a 390 cid V8 that produced 315 hp, 325 hp or 420 hp depending on the options. The AMX appealed to both muscle car lovers and sports car enthusiasts. The result may have been confusion in the market place.

While Brian takes a different route detailing the build and says,

The concept: A ’74 AMC Hornet built with a nod to the Mulholland road-race crowd of the ’70’s. A tube chassis with a 9-inch center section IRS and Corvette-based front suspension allows the car to sit right on the ground, and the full ‘cage helps everyone inside feel safe as the world rushes by in a blur. Speaking of “rushing by”, motivational power would be via a twin turbo 360, backed by a six speed… no LS-motors or otherwise… this baby would be an AMC through-and-through.

To read more, check out’s original article: The Under Appreciated AMC AMX, then cruise back to and read more about this nasty little AMC Hornet Sketch.

Which do you prefer?