American Hot Rods and Customs in Germany

The last post I did using Pascal Hein’s photos was German cars in Germany.  Today, I bring you American Hot Rods and Customs in Germany.  It’s an interesting idea to think of an American Muscle car or a traditional roadster as an “import” car.  As we saw with Tano’s ’26 T Roadster from Japan, there are some very cool American rides all over the globe.  Let’s see what Germany has in store for us…

American hot rods at a car show in Germany

Here’s a great line up of 20-30’s hot rods.  I spy a sedan, a roadster, and a pickup.  Looks like we’re at a car show on main street USA right?

40's custom Sedan in Germany

Low ride height, white walls.  This is a beautiful 40’s (right?) cruiser.  I’m not good with cars from the 40’s.  Anyone know what this is?

1956 4 door Bel Air work in progress in Germany

Now, something from the 50’s.  A well used 4 door Chevy Bel Air hot rod project.  A little rust here, a little primer there, mismatched doors.  I love it.  You know this car gets driven.

Mild custom Ford Edsel in Germany

Dig this mild custom Ford Edsel!  Ya, Ford Edsel.  You can’t get any more American than this.  ha ha  As big of a failure as it was back in the day, the Edsel can definitely pull off a Custom look.  I love it!

Panel delivery hot rod in Germany

Here’s more Americana…billet wheels, super low, painted chrome bits (bumper, grille, headlight bezels).  Just a very cool delivery panel wagon hot rod.  The only thing that might giveaway the location is the very european puzzle piece shaped brick road (what else do you call those?).

Maratta's Speed Parts shop hot rod 5 window coupe in Germany

This is quintessential American hot rod right here.  You’ve got the classic 5 window body, traditional Speed Shop logo, baby blue scallop on satin black paint, checkered roof and Chevy small block with blower on top.  Boom!  Are you sure this is in Germany?

Long live American hot rods and customs!  Thanks Pascal, can’t wait to see what’s next from Germany!


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