Back In The Fast Lane!

Outside Gene Winfield's Shop, hot rods

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. Since Stude’s spent the past 3 months suntanning her metal in the Mojave sun outside Gene Winfield’s shop…I’ve grown fonder then ever. The great news is (drum-roll please,) she’s back on the road!!! Not only is she back, she’s running better than ever!

Grease Girl and Lori Hard At Work, girl mechanic, hot rod, studebaker, transmission

Replacing the transmission was the biggest job that needed to be done. Saving money and finding the right transmission is what took the bulk of the time. Luckily I had good friends and lots of help through the process…thanks to all who were involved! I ended up having a great guy, Rick Annis in Phoenix, AZ, rebuild a 700R4 for me. Then my car club pal, Lori, and I took the 700R4 up to Mojave to meet Stude. Up at Gene’s we got a lot of help from Bart putting it in. With Bart having a lot of experience in engine tuning he wouldn’t let my car out of his sight with just a new transmission – so we worked on getting Stude’s little 383 small block up to par also.

Roadside TV Cable Adjustments, girl mechanic, hot rod, studebaker

The first weekend we did a lot of work but things just weren’t right. It was hard leaving her there again, but I’m glad I did – because this past weekend we went up again and completed the work and it’s made a huge difference!  Here’s a list of the stuff we accomplished:

  • Newly rebuilt 700R4 put in
  • Fix TV Cable bracket
  • Drive shaft adjustment
  • Change spark plugs
  • Reroute distributor plugs
  • Tune carburetor
  • Adjust/lash valves
  • Put in T-bolts for valve covers
  • Stabilize battery holder
  • Clean engine
  • Grease Girl Under the Hood, engine tuning, hot rod, girl mechanic

    It was a lot of work, but a lot of fun! Especially with Bart and Lori by my side. Needless to say, I learned a ton through this process (such as How-To Gap A Spark Plug) and will be writing more to fill ya’ll in. I just couldn’t wait to share the good news.

    Driving Off Into The Sunset, grease girl, hot rod

    Each time someone’s head turns to see what’s making that awesome sound or wondering what’s under the hood of that old ’55 Studebaker, I can’t help but smile. I had no idea I’d grown this in love with speed (and with Stude of course!) This story ends happily with girl and car driving off into the California sunset…armed with more car knowledge, more horsepower, and of course more grease under her nails! Until next time, happy trails!