Beautiful ’55 Chevy “Hot Rods by Dean” at World Finals 2009

Bonneville Salt Flats World Finals Pictures

Hot Rods by Dean 1955 Chevy at World Finals 2009I took a couple hundred pics at World Finals at the Bonneville Salt Flats a few weeks back.  I thought I should start sharing some of my favorites.

This 1955 Chevy Bel Air Post built by Hot Rods by Dean was absolutely gorgeous.  I don’t know squat about the car.  It runs in the B/CGC (B engine size is 373 cu in to 439 cu in, and is a competition gas coupe) class.  I dig the yellow interior too.  It gives the cockpit some pop.

Great two tone paintThe first thing that grabbed me is that two-tone paint.  Cream and grey is not the usual color combo for a hot rod, but it works perfectly.   The paint is a smooth, matte or flat finish, it goes nice with those moondiscs.

The car is run by Sidney Allen and ran a 172 MPH in the first Mile.  Then on Friday it actually spun, according to the Results page on

Crazy reflection in this emaculate chrome bumper

Check out this cool reflection in the crazy chrome bumper.  The bumper was the second part of this Chevy that caught my attention.  This car oozes CLEAN.  Hot Rods by Dean does sneak in some racecar design.  Check out the front airdam, the moondiscs, and that roll cage!

Yellow cockpitCheck out that yellow dash and roll cage.  An unusual color choice, but it looks great.  I love the classic dash from the 50’s.  Still has the horn ring on the steering wheel.  Tons of details on these racecars…look at that front windshield bracket.  Don’t need windshields flying off at 172MPH when the car in stock trim probably didn’t go 3 digits.

Bomber shot of this 1955 Chevy at the Bonneville Salt Flats

It’s actually hard to get good pics of cars at the Salt Flats.  Half the problem is all the light.  Lots of sun against a white background.  But, when you get it right, it pops.  The other problem is its hard to get these cars off on their own.  They are either in their pits feverishly wrenching and when they’re not wrenching, they’re waiting in line.  I was able to grab this picture by cropping out the other cars waiting in line in front and behind him.  Man, when you look at the aerodynamics of this “shoebox” as they were known, 172 MPH is pretty impressive.

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