Graceful yet Powerful Fastback Mustang at SEMA 2010

SEMA Car Show – Our Favorite Muscle Car Engines

SEMA 2010,1967 Fastback Mustang, American Muscle Car, sema car show las vegas

Feast your eyes on a little on cubes 4.6L DOHC Ford modular motor that’s long on horsepower. The valve covers read “720 HP”. What looks like a Kenne Bell supercharger rests on top of another super clean, not-a-wire-outa-place layout that totally makes the engine bay for me. That’s the detail you’ll find at the SEMA Las Vegas Car Show.

SEMA 2010 Car Show,1967 Fastback Mustang, sema las vegas

Outside the convention halls, I spotted this slick custom Mustang Fastback. Maybe some can say if it’s a 1967 or 1968 Mustang. It’s got the 68 side scoops, but doesn’t have the side marker lights of 68. I could see those shaved off for this car, but I’d also say the 67 side scoops aren’t as attractive as the 68’s. So in the best of both worlds custom car scenario, let’s call this a 1967.5 Mustang Fastback!

SEMA 2010 Car Show,1967 Fastback Mustang, best of sema car show

I’d like to tell you more about this car, but unlike most cars at the SEMA show, there was no show card and I didn’t notice any sponsor stickers. Clean execution all the way! (too clean?)  Too busy trying to get the best coverage online, I didn’t hang out to talk with anyone with the car.

So if you have any more info about this car, or just want to give a “thumbs up!” please leave a comment below.

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