Drag Racers from SEMA Vegas: Small Chevy 427

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SEMA 2010, sema show, Front Engine Dragster, Blown Chevy

I gotta be me! How could I resist the power packed old school nastiness of this blown small block Chevy riding in an authentic nostalgia dragster? Why would I want to?

I talked to Dennis Overholser from Painless Performance wiring about his new ride. It’s almost ready to run the full Comp Cams roller equipped Dart block at a “Drag strip near you!”  Dennis can’t terrorize an existing Nostalgia Drag Racing class because of the electronic fuel injection he used but he’ll still be able to tear up the quarter mile! Did I sense a little hesitation to drop the hammer Dennis? Prove me wrong!

Dennis already has the Truckster featured here from 2009 SEMA Coverage, so check it out!

SEMA 2010, sema show coverage, Injected 427 Chevy big block

Something like the custom fuel injected LS motor, I’m a sucker for stand up fuel injection. This bad 66 Chevelle also runs Hilborn fuel injection, but this time it’s the original mechanical setup that put Hilborn on the map and made many weekend tuners wear a thinner head of hair. I don’t know much more about this 427 Chevy big block beast, so enjoy it for it’s simplicity and as an icon of the original solution to making power: Large cubic inches

I must have missed a favorite engine from SEMA 2010. If it did, let me know about it and send over some pictures!

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