Boatman’s Best CARtoons

When you’re a new website, the only advertising you can afford is FREE advertising. So, I am combing Myspace for other gearheads who might be interested in sharing their passions here at

After navigating past all the, “Click here for my REAL profile…” and all the other scam BS, I found some worthwhile profiles, especially this one from Fred Boatman.

From 1962 to 1976 Fred published his car art in several Petersen Publishing magazines, especially one I remember called CARtoons.

Fred Boatman CARtoons original drawing of Front engine dragster

After a few emails, Fred and I talked on the phone and I learned more about the man and his book: Cartoons on Wheels. Fred’s book explains why he wrote the book for his four grown kids:

I would like them to know just what I was doing in my basement studio those evenings I wasn’t helping them with their homework, or playing hockey with them in the driveway. I wasn’t just down there nursing a Wild Turkey and Ginger,… well maybe just a few.

Fred Boatman CARtoons another original drawing of Front engine dragsters

I’ve enjoyed reading the book Fred sent to me. It’s like a time capsule of hot rodding and American history. The characters such as my favorites Dipstick & Arin Cee are worried about hot rods, racing and girls along with war and their possible time in the military service. It just feels like a simpler time where the closest thing to Nintendo was a slot car track and even a local guy had a shot at big time racers like Connie Kalitta.

Fred Boatman CARtoons front engine dragster

I recommend this book to young and old who might like to take a step back in time. Fred will personally sign a copy just like he did for me. Mine’s going to Brian from Problem Child Kustoms to thank him for all the help he’s given to MyRideisMe. To get your copy, you can find them at all the big bookstores, but do Fred a heavy (and cut out the middle man…) and buy it directly from his website: Fred Boatman Cartoons. Until then, I’ll share just a few more of my favorites from the book. The book is 305 8 1/2 x 11″ pages of good times, so there are plenty to choose from. If you see something you like, get your own!

Wheels drag racing action from Fred Boatman

Thanks Fred! I hope this give the book a little boost. It’s been great meeting you. Do you know some other sources of good CARtoon works? Please let me know!