Bonneville Bound Louver Lover

Bonneville Salt Flats: Car Show or Race Car?

I’ve been wanting to share this car with you guys for a couple months now.  I originally showed some early pics I took during a tour of Salt Flats Speed Shop (that story link here).

Chris Davenport, shop owner and metal craftsman, and now louver expert, is building a ’32 Sedan in the traditional style from the 40’s and 50’s.  He has put together a pretty detailed build thread on the H.A.M.B. He has been updating it pretty regularly the last couple months as he’s been making some big progress.  Ok, enough of my words, let’s see this work of hot rod art.  Photos by Salt Flats Speed Shop.

Salt Flats Speed Shop's Project '32 Tudor all louvered up

Check out them louvers.  I think the top has 420 something louvers.  Wow!  It looks tough and right out of Bonneville 1946!

Interior view of the roof louver panel on Salt Flats Speed Shops '32

Here’s the view Chris will have when trekking out to the Salt Flats on I-15.  I wanna grab some rolling shots of this ride when you drive out to Bonneville, k Chris?

Livin' the dream building a '32 Sedan in traditional hot rod style

This might be my favorite shot.  Add some black and white to this photo and it would appear to have been taken 60 years ago.  Chris, you are the man!  Look at that rod, its a work of art.  Louvers FTW!!!

Traditional chop top Tudor from the front view

Gosh dang that front view of the chop top and louvered hood and roof is Bad Ace!!!  I’m in the moment right now, but this is THE most Beautiful Hot Rod of all time!!!  Seriously, its that RAD!!!  Does three exclamation points get my point across?

Hopped up Flathead V8 is a must on a traditional Bonneville rod

In process picture with the roof panel clamped down and hoodless.  Dig that hopped up Flattie.  What’s a 40’s traditional hot rod without a hot rodded flattie motor?  From what Chris told me during my tour, this is a stout little Flathead!

Chris Davenport of Salt Flats Speed Shop working his metal magic

Last pic for now.  Here’s the young whipper snapper, Chris Davenport.  Remember that name folks!  Chris “The Real Deal” Davenport is gonna rock Speedweek 2010 with this masterpiece ’32 Sedan.  Remaking an 80 plus year old door skin?  No problem!  Busting out 400 plus louvers?  All in a days work!  I personally hope Chris doesn’t paint it, at least not for a bit.  Paint will hide all this fabulous craftsmanship.

I wanted to show you more pictures…like of the chop process, door skin repair, etc., but it was too hard to choose.  Go check out the latest on Chris’ build thread I linked above.

Salt Flats Speed Shop will be hosting an Open House sometime during Speedweek 201o in August.  Keep your eyes peeled.  As soon as the details are finalzed, I’ll post up that info so yall can see where all the magic happens.


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