Bonneville Bound – My Traveling Buddy’s go 250mph!

Bonneville Salt Flats Race Car:

1927 Ford "Modified Roadster" heading to Speedweek 2009Traveling alone sucks. That’s why I’m glad to have a traveling buddy for the long drive from Phoenix to Wendover, Utah for Speedweek on the Bonneville Salt Flats.  I’m towing my 1927 roadster, so I can’t drive that fast so I fit right in with my 250mph partners on the road, “Bonnieville Bob” and his son Rocky.

Their B/GMR modified roadster is a stretched 1927 roadster that’s been as fast as 251 mph at Bonneville and that’s just 4 mph off the record.

Much more to come on these guys since I’ll be shooting lots of pictures of all the race cars and picking Bob and Rocky’s speed-brain for all they’re worth!

Look for us on the salt!  And if you know Bob, say hi right here by leaving a comment.