Blowfish Swimming Upstream – Speed Week 2011

Going to Impound – That’s a GOOD thing!

1969 Plymouth Barracuda, rad rides by troy, 2011 Bonneville Speedweek
2011 Bonneville Speed Week sponsored by Spectre Performance

It’s a thing of beauty. The 1969 Plymouth Barracuda built by Rad Rides by Troy. So imagine that everyone’s happy they’re off to impound! You should remember that when you run faster than a record, the car goes to impound, then the next morning you back up the record or start over. Review: Setting a Record at Bonneville

1969 Plymouth Barracuda, Blowfish, competition coupe
The thrash is on! In impound, the team has 4 hours to make any changes and get ready for the back-up run.

Blowfish is owned by George Poteet and nobody’s more excited to see what the team has almost accomplished in the B/BFCC class. The record is held by a family everyone knows, the Burkland’s. Tom Burkland set the record way back at Speed Week in 1985 with a coupe named “411 to Bonneville” at 294.868 mph. Blowfish ran 303 and change, so a new record, and a coveted blue hat (300 mph club) are within reach.

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I caught up with Lawrence Laughlin, the shop manager from Rad Rides by Troy. He filled us in with some extra details:

“We were not able to back up our 315 qualifying run. Due to a transmission issue we pulled out of impound. Monday morning, we changed the trans. Monday afternoon, we ran a 314.5 and qualfied on the record again. Tuesday morning we had a the best run of the week underway when the engine laid down just after the four. The final mile was still slightly over 300. We were able to push the record to 307.339. We belive it was a headgasket that let go, but we will not know for sure untill it get disassembled. The boss decided that we had accomplished what we wanted to. So we packed up and got off the salt on Wednesday.”

So in the end, they killed a 25 year old record, and did it with one of the most beautifully built cars you’ll ever find. Congratulations to the team from Rad Rides, George Poteet and Danny Bourrows for multiple 300+ mph runs at Speed Week and your new record.

There’s a cool video at Rad Rides’ home page of the record breaking run. Check it out.